Water Meditation, Water Worship

Water is an interesting element. It would likely prefer to be considered an entity. Scientists do not fully understand it, it acts in some ways like a living being and has properties that no other living being has. It can change from a liquid to a gas to a solid and back again. It “evaporates” or transforms itself into a cloud and hovers above us looking down as if watching.

Water, some scientists believe, has memory and remembers the emotions of people interacting with it. We can incorporate this being into our spiritual practice in a powerful way. We can begin by consciously interacting with the water we drink, bathe with and even water our plants with and transmit feelings of love, health and calmness into the water. Because we are 60% water, the water we consume when imprinting with our messages and positive emotions become a part of us and can heal us. The water acts in concert with our bodies and loves us back.

We can also use water for powerful and enhanced intentions. Speaking our clear, well thought out and properly positively phrased intentions into water, then gently pouring the water into Mother Earth she too will add her energy to them. As the water evaporates, it brings our intentions to the universe, to Unee to be incorporated into her universal plan.

Think of water as a living entity, a being that deserves to be treated gently. It willingly merges with us, sustains our life and all life. Our intentional and conscious interaction with water will make a profound difference in our lives.

Blessings of living water to you.

Spirituality and everyday life

If your spirituality isn’t positively impacting your everyday life then give it up! What is the point? Why meditate, chant, light candles or pray if you are experiencing no change and no benefit?

We need to think seriously about what is working in our spiritual practice and what is not and be honest with ourselves. Saying we are spiritual people and then going back to the same patterns is just a put on not a practice. “I meditate,” ok great what changes do you bring to your life? “I pray,” ok what impact is that having in your life?

We should be practicing our spirituality and seeing connections, observing synchronicities that allow us to see the unity in all things. Our meditation should help us stay centered and rooted so we realize we are a part if a bigger whole.

Our practice should make us more compassionate and empathetic and most of all forgiving. Send your root into the Earth and meet the roots of your ancestors there. Let that provide a solid foundation. Send a column of light to the source of light and see your branches of light expand and touch every light. You may feel the connection then.

2023 the Year of Spiritual Resonance

Live consciously, live in the moment, be present, what does that even mean?

It means, what are we calling in? That which we resonate with is drawn to us. It is a simple yet very deep concept, like draws like, a tuning fork vibration will cause another tuning fork to vibrate at the same tone, your thoughts draw in that which you focus on.

If you knew you were attracting spirits drawn by what you are thinking about would you monitor your thoughts more closely? If you knew your thoughts were like a spiritual GPS telling other spiritual entities on the same vibration where you are, would you discipline your thoughts?

That is exactly what happens, your thoughts send out vibrations which seek to merge with similar vibrations and amplify them. Calmness draws calm, peace draws peace, fear draws fear. Look at those around you, they created their life situations with their thoughts. We all have. It is time to change our thoughts and draw in something new.

2023 is a new opportunity to fine tune our lives and draw in that which resonates with us. From an astrological viewpoint there is a lot that will change in 2023 freeing us from previous influences and opening us up for a new paradigm shift.

How are we going to shape the new year with our thoughts? What do we wish to resonate with and draw to us? What do we want to amplify in our lives? What we think our lives will become.

Being Autumn

Autumn is a time for the cyclical reflection. Once again we have the opportunity to go inward. Just as sap draws down into the trees, our energy draws inward. How can we work with Unee at this time? It is a great time for connecting deeply, for feeling, for sensing and for trusting our intuition.

What needs our attention spiritually that we have ignored? Where have we ignored our intuition hoping things would be different than they really are? Where has our perception not lived up to reality?

Unee asks us to be autumn. To settle, to draw inward, to intuit – not think – about our lives. As the trees let go of the leaves, let go of your thoughts and let your intuition rumble and subtlety beckon you. Where is she leading?

Quiet, quiet listen to the leaves as they fall, not clingy, not striving, just letting go and drifting down to the ground. Next spring these old thoughts will have been fertilized in the ground of Unee and will resurface new and nourished.

Living aware of our karma

Living in neutral joy rather than striving is a more balanced way to live. Living aware of the karma we are creating at any moment and seeking to mitigate the effects of the energy we put out is simply responsible.

Are we causing drama? Anger, fear, anxiety, stress for someone? Are we just walking away rather than trying to prove we are right or to be confrontational? Do we consciously or unconsciously enjoy stirring things up? Wallow in depression? Watch with delight as someone runs around trying to meet our demands?

Or do we live life more conscious of our karma, being gentle with ourselves and others? Do we avoid things that feed the darker sides of ourselves or are we still getting off on them? Crime TV, horror movies, even cable news are all spewing energy that attacks and drains us rather than nurture and sustains us.

What choices are you making?

Living aware of our karma

Down the Rabbit Hole

It has been awhile, I have been off exploring and searching again. I guess for me searching never ends. The good news is the path seems right and true, nature based spirituality being in tune with nature is the only truth.

Unee reveals herself to us everyday if we get out of the way. As mother energy in the Universe she is always present. Getting in rhythm with her is the way to connect with the greater Universe and to be in sync. We all know what happens when we are out of sync – we don’t feel well, we are anxious – we just know something is off.

Unee, the mother of the Universe can be trusted, she has no agenda, she doesn’t care if you follow her or not, she just is. She is the basis of being. Energy flows everywhere, can not be created or destroyed, Unee is the keeper of that energy all goes back to her.

We will function best when aligned with nature, when we are truly sensitive to all living beings around us. We need to learn to read the energy around us so we know what is impacting us at any given moment. For example, any cable news channel is spewing negative energy, it should all be avoided, we don’t want to pick up any negativity.

Most mainstream religions have been highjacked by negative entities. They have become judgmental, based on manmade rules , based on someone else’s ego and agenda and are basically unhealthy. Even nature based religions, Druidism, Witchcraft, “old religions” are twisted into something human made with rules you must follow.

Unee wants us to meditate with her trees, in her forests, by her streams. She wants us to be in sync with the cycles of the moon and live by her tides. Respect nature, recognize energetic changes, avoid ego traps – yours and others – and maybe a spirituality will emerge that is pure.

Wounds we all carry

We all are wounded, we carry wounds from past lives, we are wounded in this life and create wounds in others. What happens with wounds? They heal just like any injury, unless we keep picking at them, opening them up again. Why would we do that? If we have a cut, a deep one even or a broken bone, we don’t keep poking at them making them worse, we let them heal.

Why don’t we do that for our emotional wounds? Why do we like to revisit them, rethink painful moments, hash them over getting ourselves all upset again. We should let our body and Unee heal us, sew ourselves back together and move on knowing we can heal.

Unee balances everything out in the Universe, we don’t have to worry about getting even or getting our revenge that just creates more karma for us. Let your mind heal, your heart heal as you do your body. Unee will balance the rest.

Unee is coming alive

Unee is an affectionate term I coined for the universe, the feminine aspect of universal energy. I envisioned her as a mother figure always with the best interest of the whole universe in mind. She is the impartial mother balancing the needs of the whole of the human and universal family, sometimes letting things fall so we can learn from the experience and learn to walk or grow. We would half-jokingly state “Unee has our back we don’t need to worry”, but now I find myself with growing more affectionate toward her. I feel like “she” really is the feminine universal mother who is looking out for all of us. God is so loaded with baggage sadly and frankly, so patriarchal. I feel like the world needs some mother love right now, the kind that is fair, but not enabling, is fierce when it is required and above all loves us unconditionally the way a good mother would.

I need love right now, the world needs love right now. I don’t think we are evolved enough to be loving toward each other all the time even if we sincerely want to, humanity is still in it’s narcissistic teenage years trying to develop into maturity.

Unee, universal love out of the darkness, watch over everyone, all my worldly sisters and brothers, Mother Earth and the universe.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Crystal protection grid

We call on what nature provides to help us. In turbulent and uneasy times we can use crystals to form a shield of protection.

Below is a protection grid using snowflake obsidian surrounded by clear quartz points and anchored in love by howlite and rose quartz.

Snowflake Obsidian removes negativity from a space or person, clear quartz charged with its properties emphasizing them and projecting outward. Above is a heart of hematite to absorb negative energy, calm, and ground, rose quartz below restoring trust and harmony, howlite reducing tension and eliminating pain and stress.

crystal protection grid