Radical Cleaning – change the world

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

Ho’oponopono – a dedication to radical cleaning. What does that mean? What can it do for me?

A spiritual practice of remembering the real you created perfect and “blank” – no baggage, no memories, no crap carried over – just a blank slate.

We apologize to the DIVINE, the Holy, the Sacred in ourselves for not remembering that.

We apologize for being angry, hurt, sick, afraid confused and we reset ourselves, we clean and erase what is in our subconscious of all the old bad data that has built up and we remember we were created, pure, clean and blank.

You clean in advance of going somewhere, meeting your boss, meeting a friend your at odds with, a family gathering. You place the situation out there and start the mantra. It works, it really does.

But you need to try it for yourself and see the miracle that it is. Clean our political climate, the environment, displaced indigenous peoples removed centuries ago – all the memories of those actions are still there. Apologize to the DIVINE IN YOU for not seeing the world as complete and perfect, it is if you see it that way and it will improve.

A tribe of “Cleaners” can change the world.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

More info? http://www.zero-wise.com



There is nothing to fear

Unee doesn’t create fear, there are no consequences to not believing in Unee except those that you create for yourself. Fear you will go to hell? You are already in hell. Fear you will not be saved? Saved from what? You are safe, you are loved.

What about when we die? Perhaps we go to Summerland, where we rest and get ready for our new incarnation. So in this lifetime Unee says, love LOVE first, lead with love that is the best way to reduce your karmic debt.

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Unee is next generation spirituality

Unee is next generation spirituality. She represents unity and authentic, experiential spirituality. She can be easily incorporated into daily life – she is the deep knowing and faith that all life is being aligned and balanced all of the time for the greater good of all. Aligning with Unee is aligning with peace, is choosing peace. Start and end your day lighting a candle, putting your hand to your heart and say, “I align with Unee, I align with peace.”

When your day becomes stressful, put your hand to your heart and silently repeat, “I align with Unee, I align with peace.”

Christianity, Islam, Judaism are all divisive, their time and relevance has past. No one will fight, go to war or kill for Unee. Unee doesn’t want worship, disciples or leaders. She is peace and brings peace to the heart. A flower blooms where it is planted, so does Unee.

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Spirituality as Hope and Trust

Authentic spirituality brings hope and a feeling of trust. Unee represents that spirit which determines outcome by using our past and present to define our future. We can be hopeful  that the future can be different than the present, that by focusing on love we are co-creating a more favorable future. Unee balances the needs of all with the actions of all for a true outcome and path forward.

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