Restoring Balance in Life

How do we restore balance in our lives?

Unee tells us it is ok to say no, it is ok not to be perfect, sometimes it is ok just to be present. What does it mean to have balance in one’s life? To have time, to not be stressed by meeting what we believe are the demands on our time and on our lives. We need to make time for peace in our lives, consciously schedule time for quietness and lack of stimulation. Make peacefulness a priority.

May love prevail.

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Sitting on the Shore

Sitting on the shore watching life events pass by, sometimes we see garbage floating in the water, sometimes we see beautiful flowers, sometimes just the water. This is how Unee tells us to approach our life’s challenges, don’t wade in the water when things are difficult! You could be hit with garbage and debris flowing downstream, stay on the shore and watch it float by. Don’t be tempted to jump in with the flowers either, just watch them, take in their beauty, don’t try to hold on to them. If the water is calm, just watch it still, sometimes there are alligators under the water, better just to be an observer!

Flow with Unee, sit with her on the shore.

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No Stress

With Unee we are constantly reminded that stress is self-induced – not to make us feel guilty, but to empower us to change what is stressing us. We can change our reaction, our response to the stressful stimuli, we can remember that we can be in the flow of Unee and ride the current. Defining stress as self-imposed helps us remember de-stressing is also self-imposed.

Flow with Unee, ride the current.

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