Using the Natural Law of Basic Goodness to Help the World

It is our turn to try to help the World because if we don’t, no one else will. To do this we begin of course with ourselves, we don’t impose our will on anyone. We need to try and understand what we can offer the world to help create an enlightened society. Despite everything we do, there is still a basic goodness in everyone, something inherently good. We have to discover that ground of goodness and build on that. We experience glimpses of our own goodness, but we fail to acknowledge it, beauty in nature, the sun on our faces, a gentle breeze. Every time we acknowledge these simple pleasures we are seeing our own non-aggressive goodness, our basic goodness. The world becomes good when we experience its goodness.

The approach of humbling ourselves and surrendering to another and giving ourselves over to another’s cause no matter how seemingly noble, is not touching our basic goodness. We are trying to experience or buy another’s goodness, the goodness of someone else, not our own. You submit yourself in this exchange and are really only sacrificing your dignity for the goodness you think you want. How do we awaken in a dignified way that helps the world to awaken? We begin by being gentle with ourselves and appreciating the world. Being tender and kind with ourselves helps us to see our potential and lower and raise our expectations at the same time. We start by realizing existence is wonderful and precious! We start to remember we want to be here!

We start realizing that basic goodness, ours and others is always there. Just like we can trust the Earth to always be here when we are walking or sitting and the sky is always above us as we go about our day, we can trust the basic goodness in ourselves and others. Basic goodness is unconditional, we don’t need to accept or reject it, just like we don’t accept or reject the sky or the Earth we live on. Basic goodness is a natural law and it is not something that threatens our point of view. It is the basis of order in our world. The accusation of sin is not a natural law of order, accusation takes judgement. Basic goodness is like our assumption of day and night. It is trustworthy and a natural law. Our basic goodness is not the source of aggression or concern with our World.

Once we can internalize, really internalize, our own basic goodness, we can branch out an begin to accept the basic goodness in everyone. We begin to lose our fear and our judgement. You become gentle and genuine and understand you have nothing to fight against. The natural law is basic goodness in you and everyone. You no longer see yourself or others though the filter of your thoughts.

Basic goodness allows to us to remember how worthwhile it is to be living in the physical world and to be here right now despite all our problems and the World’s problems. Because we have learned to appreciate and be gentle with ourselves, we don’t mess our world up. We learn to take care of our minds, our bodies and then our world. We realize that no one is a lost cause because of the basic law of goodness., no one is a sinner that has to be saved by someone else. The world and those in it are inherently good and can be returned to that state because that is the natural order.

We begin by being honest and acknowledging the unpleasant, but then knowing we can return to the original pure state, the original blueprint. We can begin again and again because we started out pure in the image of Divine Love and it is there in basic goodness we can return. We begin to recognize the patterns that are keeping us from returning to our original state of goodness. We are gentle with ourselves, but start to become brave enough to face what is not working and the not working is what is not in alignment with the basic law of goodness. We become a little sad in our gentleness and that starts to seed change in us. These beams of light become the paths for us to walk on.

Accepting that we are basic goodness and so is everyone else, helps us to lose our fear of extending ourselves for the benefit of others – the basis of love. You don’t fear losing something you possess, nor do you fear others because you believe in their basic goodness too. You now begin to practice discernment and you say no to anything that diminishes your basic goodness. You say no to excess, to anger, to jealousy, to want for the feeling of being better than others. You begin to live to appreciate versus live to indulge.

We have to completely conquer the idea that there is something fundamentally or originally wrong with us and others (original sin) and focus on inherent goodness. We have to learn to live in delight with the world and its challenges. We learn to live with dignity in our current situation and make the best of it. We begin to live life according to our basic goodness and dignity while recognizing the basic goodness and dignity in everyone.

The energy of basic goodness is a presence and can be experienced once acknowledged in ourselves and others. Going back to this basic law of nature and focusing on it begins the transformation of the world.

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