Tested Faith

My faith has been tested before, each time I read something that unseats something I formerly believed to be true. I have wandered a spiritual path filled with sometimes exciting and sometimes dismaying truths that often have left me confused and bewildered. I frequently returned to what was familiar, what was known and tried to [...]

Praying with Unee

Praying with Unee, remembering Unee provides the best outcome for the totality of any situation, at any point in time, is the ultimate hope. Knowing Unee is always there because she is the substance from which the universe is created and what happens is part of the collective whole is the ultimate peace. Knowing we [...]

Unee vs. Christianity

Photo by Matteo Badini on Pexels.com Why would you stop being a Christian to follow Unee? What is the difference between the two? Unee is not a wrathful vengeful God of the Old Testament nor a salvation based, judgmental God of the new Testament. Unee is the presence of feminine energy in the universe. She [...]

Neutral joy

The ultimate answer lies in the state of neutral joy. This is the state where Unee resides, a constant recalculating to modify and adjust to attain balance and neutral joy. It is a state where we can be pleasantly surprised, hardly disappointed and live freely with limited expectations. Here we become free of the preconceived [...]

I trust Unee

For those in the US and those outside the US we all face challenges. Tonight we face the presidential debate and no matter what the outcome of the impending election, we have to trust the universe. I trust Unee, all will be well. Peace to all tonight and always.

Solstice Crystal Grid

Celebrate the Summer Solstice! Carnelian brings fire and passion with its bold energy, empowering courage and protection Sunstone clears energy and brings good luck. Sunstone instills happiness allowing our true nature to shine through happily. It helps to dissipate fearfulness, reduce stress and increase zest for life! Red Jasper increases emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, [...]