• Living aware of our karma
    Living in neutral joy rather than striving is a more balanced way to live. Living aware of the karma we are creating at any moment and seeking to mitigate the effects of the energy we put out is simply responsible. Are we causing drama? Anger, fear, anxiety, stress for someone? Are we just walking away … Continue reading “Living aware of our karma”
  • Acorn meditation
    I meditated with an acorn today. I have been carrying it around in my pocket for about week. After a few moments she started pulsating. Just lightly, as if telling me she is alive. I know she is, she is bursting with quiet unrealized life, while at the same time full of ancient wisdom. We … Continue reading “Acorn meditation”
  • Down the Rabbit Hole
    It has been awhile, I have been off exploring and searching again. I guess for me searching never ends. The good news is the path seems right and true, nature based spirituality being in tune with nature is the only truth. Unee reveals herself to us everyday if we get out of the way. As … Continue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole”
  • Clergy Sex Abuse – how bad is it?
    Just how bad is it? The Catholic Church in the United States has paid out $1,068,000 – over a billion dollars in sex abuse settlement cases. Over have a half a million children have been abused by priests across the US, Europe and Australia since the 1950’s. In the US the percentage of priests charges … Continue reading “Clergy Sex Abuse – how bad is it?”