• Solstice Greetings
    The Winter Solstice the shortest day of the year and the day of death and rebirth. I am releasing through a burning ritual in my Sacred Chalice: Ill health Ill thoughts Fear of lack of money now and in the future Fear of negative ancestral ties Negative ancestral ties Negatives Influences Lack of confidence Want … Continue reading “Solstice Greetings”
  • Unee Goddess of the Universe
    The premise that there was a universal God orchestrating all events has been a prevalent requirement of those affiliated with a mainstrem religion. Hindus on the other hand claim upwards of 330,000 Gods and Goddesses to suit all of their individual needs. I think I and my Unee fall into this category. When I began … Continue reading “Unee Goddess of the Universe”
  • Breathing in the times of change
    Now is a great to access nature for healing. Walking in the cooler weather is easier and more comfortable and the colors of Fall are all around us. I go out and take some deep breaths and then start to look for colors in nature. I breathe in the green of the grass and focus … Continue reading “Breathing in the times of change”
  • Nature’s Mind
    I emanate love I emanate peace I emanate healing If you are reading this You feel love You feel peace You feel healed YOU ARE HEALED You now emanate love You now emanate peace You now emanate healing