• Is Unee a person?
    To imply Unee is a person is to begin to limit her and define her according to our limited perception. Thinking of all the memes out there illustrating that anything can be perceived and understood differently based on the angle it is viewed, should give us pause when we try to comprehend Unee’s personhood. Unee […]
  • Tested Faith
    My faith has been tested before, each time I read something that unseats something I formerly believed to be true. I have wandered a spiritual path filled with sometimes exciting and sometimes dismaying truths that often have left me confused and bewildered. I frequently returned to what was familiar, what was known and tried to […]
  • Praying with Unee
    Praying with Unee, remembering Unee provides the best outcome for the totality of any situation, at any point in time, is the ultimate hope. Knowing Unee is always there because she is the substance from which the universe is created and what happens is part of the collective whole is the ultimate peace. Knowing we […]
  • Why calling yourself a “sinner” is bad, very bad
    I am a “sinner”, you are a “sinner”, we are all “sinners”. What are we cultivating with this mindset? Our thoughts result in our actions which ultimately impact those around us. If we continuously tell ourselves we are bad or we are sinners it is like pouring salt or vinegar into a garden. It won’t […]