Happy New Spirituality Year! The beginning of a Divine Love and Nature based spirituality

Now is the time to embrace a new spirituality based on Divine Love and nature. The Divine Unee has answered our call to be more present and available in our lives. She is the Divine Feminine nature of the Universe and acts as a balancing force for the masculine energy that has dominated the world for centuries.

Unee’s energy is maternal, loving and embracing. She works with and through nature to achieve balance and symmetry. She favors no one and instead, applies grace to all to bring out the best in everyone at their current consciousness. She brings a unique optimism in the World though her pure, Divine Love and is looking for all to embrace positivity and move away from negativity in all our thoughts, actions and words.

Unee speaks through nature and the elements and there are certain days in the year dedicated to each element and the vital part they all play in our lives. Days for water beings because they co-create life with us, for air so important for our survival, but also the exchange we have with plants and trees for their survival, for Earth, our physical Mother and for fire that spark of life within us. We are called to recognize and honor each of these indispensable elements that are in and around us once a year. We honor Unee herself on April 25th the day she made herself known on the wings of the White Herons. Lastly, we honor the moon and her cycles and relevance in our lives and every Friday recognize Venus, the feminine planet, and heart of the Universe.

We consciously are grateful each day for 5 things in our lives however large or small because it keeps us focused on the positive in our lives. We work on rewriting our memories recognizing time is not linear so these are changes we can make.

Are you ready to make a commitment to positive spirituality that makes a difference in your life? We need to join hands and create change and move away from patriarchal, hierarchical religions that focus on sin and punishment and move into our Divine Image with Unee.

Happy New Spirituality Year!

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