The Light Within

I started meditating and trying to connect to the God Spark or God Light Seed that I know is within me. God seems closer now than ever before. I have been consciously reminding my self of God’s presence which I have intellectualized as being with me, but never truly internalized. If there is a seed of God within me – which there must be because I am alive – then I carry her/him with me always and s/he is always available.

I just need to attune myself to be able to listen within to hear the pulse coming from the seed. Maybe that is what has been beckoning me all this time. Lighthouse pops into my head, the beam of light providing direction. How I will hear any information coming to me I have yet to discover.

I sense the light is in my Solar Plexus, the nerve center in the core of my body. I can’t ignore the obvious implication of “solar” or “light” plexus. The Solar Plexus chakra is of course the center for our authenticity, will and purpose in life.

I feel like I am making some progress right now, maybe the time is just right. Maybe the sun is just peeking through for me.

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Alive = Spiritual

I’m alive because of that God spark that some call it, is in me, so are all living things. I don’t believe God is male or female, is my God Spark like a computer chip that God has programmed for me based on what I have done in my past life and what we have agreed I need to experience and learn in this life?

I am being more conscious of my God Spark as a part of the larger collective. I exist in that larger collective and what I do ripples out across that continuum.

I am composed of matter and that God Spark and a lot that goes on in my body I am not consciously directing, perhaps the God Spark is.

I have also determined that my thoughts can impact my body, my body reacts to what I am thinking. I have started as a part of my spiritual practice, being more conscious of my thoughts as they impact me and my health and others around me.

I have minor health issues mostly caused by trauma, falls etc. As a part of my morning and nightly conscious relaxation, I instruct my mind to heal my body, sending encouraging thoughts that I know my body can heal itself. I am also going to incorporate dialog with my God Spark and see where that goes. God is in me and around me, I know that, so I will interact and see what happens. God isn’t up in the sky on a throne. I have prayed to that God before, I will start exchanging thoughts with the God that is much closer.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Please feel free to share any suggestions.

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