Let your soul sparkle

Lean into who you are and let your soul sparkle. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

I love sparkles of all types. I love sparkles on my shoes, on Christmas wrapping paper on fresh snow and bright sun, on water. I was sitting on my couch the other night looking at a cabinet I have in the living room because I can see the reflection of my Christmas tree in the glass, I can’t see my tree from where I sit. “Look at spirit obliquely” was a message I seemed to receive, “don’t try to see spirit directly”. I was brought to tears at the thought, and it made me very happy. Then I remembered my love for sparkles, for me I think I see spirit in those sparkly moments. Glimpses of spirit that is all around us that we don’t realize are there. Music sparkles, air sparkles, water sparkles, certain rocks even sparkle.

I am reminded to lean into who I am and I am reminding you to do the same. You may not see spirit in sparkles, but let your soul sparkle anyway.

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