Neutral joy

The ultimate answer lies in the state of neutral joy. This is the state where Unee resides, a constant recalculating to modify and adjust to attain balance and neutral joy. It is a state where we can be pleasantly surprised, hardly disappointed and live freely with limited expectations. Here we become free of the preconceived [...]

Solstice Crystal Grid

Celebrate the Summer Solstice! Carnelian brings fire and passion with its bold energy, empowering courage and protection Sunstone clears energy and brings good luck. Sunstone instills happiness allowing our true nature to shine through happily. It helps to dissipate fearfulness, reduce stress and increase zest for life! Red Jasper increases emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, [...]

Tonight’s Crystal Grid

Carnelian for positive life choices Citrine for healing the spiritual self, cleansing and regeneration Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony, encourages unconditional love Labradorite is useful for transformation and as a companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance

Crystal protection grid

We call on what nature provides to help us. In turbulent and uneasy times we can use crystals to form a shield of protection. Below is a protection grid using snowflake obsidian surrounded by clear quartz points and anchored in love by howlite and rose quartz. Snowflake Obsidian removes negativity from a space or person, [...]

Voice of Feminine Energy

Yeshua knew that by excluding the voice of the feminine left an imbalance in the energy of the universe, in the community and in the family. He integrated the feminine voice into all of his teachings to begin to introduce the need for balance and how the need for representation of masculine and feminine voices [...]