Daily alignment in balance and harmony

21st century spirituality calls for aligning with Unee and aligning with the universe. Disharmony is caused solely by lack of alignment. Greed, power, unbridled materialism are the result of disharmony and misdirected attempts to fill perceived lack. Focusing on balance and harmony from morning and throughout the day allows Unee to properly work with energies to align them for the best outcome for all.

Tree, water, acorn and rain meditation creates the vehicle for alignment. Conscious focus on the single energy of nature grounds and calms vibrations. Listening to 432hz music also calms vibrations. Calm vibration most easily ripples and glides gently across the environment gently touching and engaging all it encounters. Unee’s message is not always gentle because alignment isn’t always gentle. By aligning with Unee and focusing on balance and harmony the alignment of the universe is more easily accomplished. Stress is reduced and harmony starts to shine.

I align with Unee in balance and harmony.

Unee the 21st Century Spiritual Model

Unee comes to us in the 21st Century because the world is ready for her. She is manifesting her energy and revealing it to us as the new spiritual model. She is different than any other God or Goddess, she requires no worship, she is not a jealous, revengeful God, she doesn’t even claim to love us. She is just the divine energy that exists in the universe to work with positive and negative energy to achieve balance.

Unee is most definitely feminine energy manifesting to counter the masculine energy that has dominated the physical realm for millennia. We have moved and transformed to an age where guilt, fear or even retribution are no longer necessary to define our spiritual practice. Unee creates harmony and balance when we align with her energy.

Ease, flow, connection and unity define the spirituality Unee brings to the world. No one is blessed or special and we don’t need to be. We can know our mere presence is meant to be and seek to live in communion with our environment and those around us. Domination is replaced with cooperation.

Spiritual authority and moral authority are no longer acceptable pretenses for a spiritual practice. We all know what is right and good by looking into our own hearts for guidance. If we make a wrong decision Unee will balance and correct it. Acceptance, kindness, serenity will define the new spirituality. Suffering only occurs if we choose suffering. Depression, anxiety occur if we choose them over peace and serenity. We have the power to choose and need to take responsibility for that choice. Unee asks us to go back to our hearts, consciously choose peace and serenity and we will see her provide peace and serenity around us.

May the serenity of Unee be upon you.

Water Meditation, Water Worship

Water is an interesting element. It would likely prefer to be considered an entity. Scientists do not fully understand it, it acts in some ways like a living being and has properties that no other living being has. It can change from a liquid to a gas to a solid and back again. It “evaporates” or transforms itself into a cloud and hovers above us looking down as if watching.

Water, some scientists believe, has memory and remembers the emotions of people interacting with it. We can incorporate this being into our spiritual practice in a powerful way. We can begin by consciously interacting with the water we drink, bathe with and even water our plants with and transmit feelings of love, health and calmness into the water. Because we are 60% water, the water we consume when imprinting with our messages and positive emotions become a part of us and can heal us. The water acts in concert with our bodies and loves us back.

We can also use water for powerful and enhanced intentions. Speaking our clear, well thought out and properly positively phrased intentions into water, then gently pouring the water into Mother Earth she too will add her energy to them. As the water evaporates, it brings our intentions to the universe, to Unee to be incorporated into her universal plan.

Think of water as a living entity, a being that deserves to be treated gently. It willingly merges with us, sustains our life and all life. Our intentional and conscious interaction with water will make a profound difference in our lives.

Blessings of living water to you.

Spiritual Commitment

The Full Moon in Leo really got me thinking about what I am passionate about and what is important to me spiritually. It has been a long journey with many twists trying to understand what I believe to be the truth, undoing toxic religiosity and figuring out what spiritual practices fit my belief system.

I had to learn that belief comes from within, from my heart and even my DNA. I think all of us have religious trauma baked into our DNA from previous lifetimes. Part of our karma in this life time is recognizing that, facing outdated beliefs that make no sense, don’t resonant with us and don’t feed our spiritual growth and letting them go.

For me, nature based spirituality works best. I find truth and meaning in nature and believe all things are imbued with spirit that can be communicated with. I believe Unee aka the Universe is real and I can tap into her feminine nature which is so incredibly important now. I have also rediscovered my roots and tapped into the spirit of the land in Ireland and her Gods and Goddesses. I am currently working with the Dagda and it is really expanding my spiritual growth.

So now we are at the Full Moon in Leo and to me the energy says find what you are passionate about and be brave! Have the courage to step into your beliefs, walk your walk and commit to it like never before. I am an Irish witch, a follower of Unee and a former Catholic cult member and I am finding my spiritual way in the world.

May it be so for you.

Pluto in Capricorn – Daddy Issues

GREAT article from Astrobutterfly.


In March 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius, and a new chapter of history will be written.

Many people have high hopes for Pluto in Aquarius. 

However, we cannot constructively move into the future unless we understand the past – unless we integrate Pluto in Capricorn. 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Pluto in Aquarius will not save us from ‘greed, politicians and corruption” – it’s becoming our own authority that will. 

We still have time – until March 23rd, 2023 (when Pluto ingresses into Aquarius) and then again from June 2023 – January 2024 (when Pluto moves back into Capricorn) to make sense of Pluto in Capricorn’s 15-year long transit. 

Transits build upon each other. Pluto in Aquarius builds on Pluto in Capricorn. If we learn the lessons of the previous transits, we smoothly move into the next Aquarian chapter of our lives. 

But have we truly integrated Pluto in Capricorn’s lessons? Pluto’s ingress into a new sign initially corrects the flaws of the previous Pluto transit. 

Pluto’s transit in expansive Sagittarius has coincided with the housing and economic bubble, rising inflation and interest rates, production outsourcing, and over reliance on foreign trade.

Pluto in Capricorn has subdued interest rates, and of course, has created different types of problems, like too much consolidation of power at the top. 

Capricorn is the sign of institutions, big corporations, politics and top-down structures. Capricorn is a governing system that manages different moving parts so they can work in a coherent whole. 

Does that mean that Pluto in Aquarius will ‘cancel’ all the politicians and all the CEOs? As long as we think of Pluto in Capricorn as “them” we completely miss the point of this transit. Pluto in Capricorn is not the politicians. Pluto in Capricorn is not the CEOs. 

Pluto in Capricorn is every single one of us.

In the past decade and a half, Pluto in Capricorn has been asking us – every single one of us – to develop constructive Capricorn qualities like becoming strategic, planning ahead, and taking responsibility for our own lives. 

Pluto in Capricorn – Becoming An Adult

Big institutions’ activities, projects, and finances, are planned way in advance, usually on a 5-year horizon. The “big announcement” email you received this morning from your company has been in the communication department’s pipeline since 2018. 

No manager ever wakes up in the morning and decides to lay off employees. No politician decides from one day to the next to raise interest rates. These initiatives are years in the making. A big entity like a corporation – or a nation – cannot survive without long term planning. 

But long term planning is not limited to big institutions. We – humans – are complex systems. We too have goals and plans. Of course, there’s a lot of beauty in being spontaneous, but it’sAries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer’s role to show us how to live in the present moment. 

Capricorn’s role is to teach us how to plan, work hard, be responsible and achieve our goals. 

When we understand how complex systems work – we no longer believe in ‘coincidences’ or ‘luck’. With Pluto in Capricorn, what goes around comes around, and whatever happens is a consequence of previous actions. 

Becoming successful, achieving long-term goals is not a lucky strike. It’s the result of years of hard work and deliberate action. 

When we understand that the world is complex and interconnected, we embody Capricorn’s qualities and take control of our life. 

When we don’t know how Capricorn works, we externalize authority to a 3rd party whom we put in charge to do the “adult” things for us. 

As long as we don’t embody Capricorn at a personal level, someone else will play the adult role for us. We will look up to them and they will hold power over us. 

Pluto in Capricorn – Daddy Issues

In transactional analysis there are 3 three different ego states or ways of being during interactions: the child ego state, the parent ego state, and the state of adult

Archetypally, the parent is the Capricorn energy and the child, the Cancer energy. 

The desirable state is the “adult” when the person is not in charge of others (parent/Capricorn), nor externalizes autonomy and expects to be taken care of (child/Cancer). The adult has an objective, equalitarian, “win-win” approach to interactions. 

The adult state corresponds to a healthy, integrated expression of the Aquarius archetype.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius is the adult (Saturn) that has outgrown the parent/child model; by taking ownership of their life, the Aquarius adult finds freedom (Uranus) to express their unique self. 

But to get to the Aquarian highest expression of adulthood we first need to solve our Capricorn daddy issues. 

Rejecting or rebelling against authority is the unhealthy Aquarius approach to transcending Capricorn and addressing our daddy issues. Vilifying the leader/authority is a short term solution that always backfires. 

This approach may initially solve the tension of the Cancer/Capricorn polarity, but until we integrate these archetypes at an identity level, we will keep looking for the next Capricorn father figure to tell us what to do. 

Examples of the child ego state are people who need guidance and direction. They may keep looking for the next best job, the next best manager, the next best coach to tell them what to do. 

But when engaged in child-parent relationships, they will either reject the advice/direction of the authority figures because it’s too much work, OR they will blindly follow their direction – so they can later blame the authority for what went wrong. “They told me to do it”. 

Examples of the parent ego state are people who engage in relationships where the partner is less mature; the “parent” takes care of the “child”. This dynamic satisfies their control needs, but it doesn’t allow them to grow and evolve. 

The child/parent dynamic only stops when we step into our own autonomous authority.

Important answers like “what should I do with my life” can only come from within ourselves. 

It’s up to us to decide what rules to follow. It’s up to us to decide what to do with our lives.

Pluto In Capricorn – Killing The Father

If we look at the oldest tales or religious mentions we note the theme of killing the father. 

Killing the father is a recurring theme that transcends time and culture.

Fundamentally, the killing of the father is about breaking away from the previous authority/order and becoming an authority on our own. 

Up until the 20th century, kings, emperors and totalitarian leaders were pretty much the governing standard of societies. Since these leaders were authoritarian and would not let go of power, the only way to overthrow them was a coup. The leader would be killed or sent into exile. 

Just like Saturn ate his children out of a fear of being overthrown, the king’s son or the emergent leader would literally murder the existing leader in an attempt to establish a new order. 

In the post WWII world, the disintegration of the multinational empires was closely linked to the disappearance of the major state leaders, which is a variation of the theme of patricide. 

When society awakens to the Aquarius/Uranian archetype we no longer need totalitarian leaders. We no longer need consolidation of power. We no longer need a one world order. We become an authority of our own. 

But how do we get there? How do we solve our daddy issues? 

Patricide still happens in all cultures and on all layers of society. The most common age when children kill their father is 14-16. 

Astrologically, this coincides with the 1st Saturn opposition, and it’s a projection (opposition) of the Saturn archetype on a Saturn figure (the father). 

This is the age when the child is confronted (opposition) by the parent (Saturn) archetype. This is when the child learns about rules and limitations. 

The Saturn opposition happens soon after our first Jupiter return at the age of 12. The Jupiter return is a phase of expansion. We feel on top of the world. Everything is possible. 

But then only 2 years later, at the age of 14, we have our Saturn opposition. We learn that there is actually a limit to what we can do. We learn about rules, exams, we have our first unrequited love interest. We can’t have everything we want. 

We then project our frustration on Saturn-like figures like the father or the teacher. 

What we don’t realize at the age of 14 is that the father and the teacher are nothing else but the Saturn part of our psyche. This is our first (awkward) encounter with Saturn, with that part of ourselves that thinks a bit longer term, and has our survival and best interests in mind.

We can look at Saturn as “that which limits us”, oras that who helps us discern what’s our zone of genius and what we can realistically achieve. 

Without Saturn, we would live in a continuous Jupiter state where there are opportunities everywhere, where there’s always a “next best thing”…, but where we don’t achieve anything because we don’t commit to anything. 

At a personal level, the killing of the father means killing that version of ourselves that is outdated, and that no longer serves our best interests. 

There is always a more efficient, a more productive, a more ‘adult’ way to conduct our lives. It’s not the father/authority that needs to be killed – but that part of us that still behaves like a child.

From Pluto In Capricorn To Pluto In Aquarius

“You always had the freedom my dear, you just had to learn it yourself”

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it’s not enough to think about these concepts. We must live them and embody them. 

Uranus (Aquarius’ ruler) follows Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler); unless we learn how to become autonomous, we cannot be free. 

There are no shortcuts to integrating Pluto in Capricorn. We can no longer rely on the parent, the coach, the manager, or the politician to tell us how to live our lives. We can no longer blame the parent, the coach, the manager, or the politician for what goes wrong in our life. 

What Pluto in Capricorn wants from us is to take responsibility for our life. To take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. That’s when we become an adult. Parents and children are limited and bound up in the child parent roles and their inherent rules. Adults are free. 

Here are some self-reflection questions to help you navigate the last leg of the Pluto in Capricorn transit, and prepare you for Pluto in Aquarius:

  1. Make a list with people you initially admired – friends, mentors, guides, celebrities, politicians – and were disappointed with later. Can you spot any common themes? 
  2. Remember when you suffered a major setback (e.g. lost a job, went bankrupt, had a reputation blow, were excluded from a group or community etc.). When you look back, can you see how some of your previous actions have led to that outcome? What would you do differently?
  3. What is the most important thing you want to achieve? What about you and your life needs to change to get there?

Astro Butterfly

Spirituality and everyday life

If your spirituality isn’t positively impacting your everyday life then give it up! What is the point? Why meditate, chant, light candles or pray if you are experiencing no change and no benefit?

We need to think seriously about what is working in our spiritual practice and what is not and be honest with ourselves. Saying we are spiritual people and then going back to the same patterns is just a put on not a practice. “I meditate,” ok great what changes do you bring to your life? “I pray,” ok what impact is that having in your life?

We should be practicing our spirituality and seeing connections, observing synchronicities that allow us to see the unity in all things. Our meditation should help us stay centered and rooted so we realize we are a part if a bigger whole.

Our practice should make us more compassionate and empathetic and most of all forgiving. Send your root into the Earth and meet the roots of your ancestors there. Let that provide a solid foundation. Send a column of light to the source of light and see your branches of light expand and touch every light. You may feel the connection then.

Developing spiritual roots

I was recently made aware of a meditation exercise that I have found very important for developing our spiritual roots. After thoughtfully making sure we are fully in our bodies by bring awareness systematically from our feet to the tops of our heads, we send a root deep into Earth Mother anchoring ourselves there. Feeling fully anchored, we then bring that energy from our Earth Mother to our solar plexus and then send a ray through our upper chakras, through the four chakras above our heads and into the source of light – Unee. Now bring the energy of Unee into the solar plexus to merge with Earth Mother energy.

Here fully aligned above and below we can begin truly exploring our spiritual roots. We can send our energy again deep into the Earth Mother and reach out the roots of our ancestors, they are definitely there. We can visualize the roots of the Sacred Oak tree whose roots descend into the Earth as high as it’s branches reach toward the sky as our inspiration.

Feel the gentle tendrils of your ancestors in Earth Mother and make a connection there. Awaken them from their slumber where they have been napping, waiting patiently for you to acknowledge their presence. Greet them and start a new relationship, they have much to share.

I sent my root deep into the Hill of Tara and the Hill of Ward in Ireland where my ancestors dwelled. Back home in meditation I reached for them deep in the Earth and across the Continents and the ocean I could feel them reaching for me. New insights revealed, deeper peace than I have ever known.

Tlachtga (Hill of Ward) Samhain 2022

2023 the Year of Spiritual Resonance

Live consciously, live in the moment, be present, what does that even mean?

It means, what are we calling in? That which we resonate with is drawn to us. It is a simple yet very deep concept, like draws like, a tuning fork vibration will cause another tuning fork to vibrate at the same tone, your thoughts draw in that which you focus on.

If you knew you were attracting spirits drawn by what you are thinking about would you monitor your thoughts more closely? If you knew your thoughts were like a spiritual GPS telling other spiritual entities on the same vibration where you are, would you discipline your thoughts?

That is exactly what happens, your thoughts send out vibrations which seek to merge with similar vibrations and amplify them. Calmness draws calm, peace draws peace, fear draws fear. Look at those around you, they created their life situations with their thoughts. We all have. It is time to change our thoughts and draw in something new.

2023 is a new opportunity to fine tune our lives and draw in that which resonates with us. From an astrological viewpoint there is a lot that will change in 2023 freeing us from previous influences and opening us up for a new paradigm shift.

How are we going to shape the new year with our thoughts? What do we wish to resonate with and draw to us? What do we want to amplify in our lives? What we think our lives will become.

Do you feel relevant?

Now matter how much we accomplish we somehow still feel the same – irrelevant, like we don’t matter, like whatever we do doesn’t matter, doesn’t count.

So maybe what we do doesn’t matter, action doesn’t matter and maybe “being” matters more. Maybe being is a verb and the action of being is all there needs to be.

Can we be good at being? How do we just be and feel good about it? Feel right about it? Karma is the unease and the burden weighing us down. As the thread that continues life to life, we bring our hauntedness with us, a shadow that hides when we turn around, but still gives us chills.

Maybe we turn around and face the shadow, face the irrelevance and say, “who cares?” maybe our humanness is all that matters, the doubts, failings, uncertainty and occasional moments of certainty.

Our place in the Universe. Unee what are we? We are the Universe, the Universe is us because without us the Universe is incomplete. That’s being.

Unee as an Archetype

Unee is an archetype, just as all Gods and Goddesses are. What is her archetype based on? The maternal perfection of nature and the Universe. Nature is perfect, it changes, modifies, adjusts, flows and adapts. The maternal energy is the highest form of energy in the Universe. What other energy births into being? What better model do we have to follow?

Living in neutral love we achieve the balance we need. Listening to our intuition is where nature resides, Yes, we have the ability to think, but we are still simply a part of the greater whole of nature and the Universe, neither above or below, just a part.

Unee guides us simply by being, by knowing where and when change needs to occur and doing it. Unee is the archetype of existence, non-judgmental, applying herself with simplicity and consistency to all equally. Unee is literally down to Earth, completely objective and has no agenda. Follow her and find peace, oppose her if you wish and go against the flow of nature, you will be swimming against the tide.

Unee is spiritual perfection. She is maternal energy and births and loves everything and everyone as cherished beings in her Universal family.