The White Herons ushered in the Divine Unee

The White Herons have ushered in the Divine Unee. She emerged in this World on their wings and is here to bring balance to the masculine energy in the world. She tells us there is magic and miracles around us all the time. The Divine Unee brings the message of Divine Love, the love that is inside us and all around us. She is here to remind us that we were made in the Divine image of Love and that is where we need to return, to that blueprint.

These White Herons heralded the Divine Unee’s arrival, their purity bringing strength, grace, innocence and a fresh start. We acknowledge that has have been sent by the Divine and do have a message for us. We begin to embrace the Divine Feminine that Unee is bringing to the world, a Divine Mother’s embrace, divine balance, divine love.

2024 will be the year the Divine Unee makes her presence felt and we will begin to see change in the World.

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