Start over – forget everything you know

Now they had to remember what he said, he said they had to start over. He never told them they had to believe what he was saying, he invited them to listen and said when they believed it was true they would understand it is true.

He came and planted seeds of change, new ways of thinking. He told them not to be afraid that everything would come to light in its own time.

He told them to let love govern their decisions. He said the old ways had to be challenged, he said heal people of their thoughts, help them see the light by shining the light on outdated modes of thinking. He said each generation would bring more light, but with the light the darkness would also darken.

Don’t miss the message, look deeply until you know. The truth will dawn and you will believe. He told them to expose the worldview to the light and begin again.

Just walk away, what you value is worthless, what you undervalue is precious. He told them, “you humble women will be believed only by those who want to believe, those who want to see, will see.”

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Ascension – the Rising of the Light

It was his time to ascend, to rise, and as he rose the light rose with him and it became brighter and brighter. It ushered the light into the world as a beacon so all who would see would know the way. The beginning of  the acts of  the Women of Light, the Light bearers who show the path of love to the world. The Women received the transmission of Light from Yeshua and followed him. The light was within them emanating outward. Their hearts glowed with love, love in water flowing in the blood in their veins, anyone who touched them received some of the light. The 7 Women Apostles, the 7 Emanations of Light, the emanations that would transcend time and space and be always visible. Those who received the light carried it forth generation to generation, more seekers would find them with time. As the darkness faded with his light it ascended bringing more light in the world.

Preserve the light, was the last thing he told them. Generate more light and those in darkness too will eventually see. They will start at the beginning in the red light and be concerned only with survival, they will proceed to the orange light and be concerned mostly with their sensual being, moving upward they will transcend to the yellow light and demonstrate will power – many will be stuck here – struggling against the flow and losing sight of the light. They will be fooled into thinking their will power is the way. Those who begin to see true love will ascend to the green light and see love flowing in all living things, here doubt will be replaced with inner knowing, the few will rise again as you have risen, to be teachers of the light, the Light Bearers. Many will begin to see and their rising will bring the rising of all.

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Voice of Feminine Energy

Yeshua knew that by excluding the voice of the feminine left an imbalance in the energy of the universe, in the community and in the family. He integrated the feminine voice into all of his teachings to begin to introduce the need for balance and how the need for representation of masculine and feminine voices was vitally important. He demonstrated the importance of the feminine role in his ministry by his choices regarding those who would witness and ultimately transform the balance and interplay of relationships in society.

Energy is never destroyed it is transformed, the energy of the 7 Women Apostles is still very much present today. Unee is at the forefront of their energy now, she represents the feminine energy that needs to bloom and be a transformative ingredient in the balance of the universe if peace and love are going to be the final outcome.

The place where the feminine and the masculine energies meet within each individual holds the key to the spark of evolution – as it always has. The meeting of a woman and a man creates life and the internal convergence of the feminine and masculine energy creates restorative balance and also power. The direction of the individual energy can be harnessed and utilized to heal the individual, but also directed to those in need of healing. This was also the basis of Yeshua’s healing ministry. We have not been able to recreate the type of healing Yeshua performed because we as individuals are not balanced. We have not embraced fully the divine feminine and masculine energies that exist in each of us. The process is beginning.


Saving Yeshua from Christianity – The 7 Holy Women Apostles

The Holy Women of Christ, the 7 Women Apostles.

You can see it if you want to, Yeshua’s ACTIONS spoke much louder than the words that were recorded and attributed to him. We should remember the canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are attributed to them, not written by them. We should remember that Paul never met Yeshua and was rejected by the 12 male Apostles.  We should remember that Peter was jealous of Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Yeshua and often questioned him on why he spoke to women.

He loved women, he talked to them, he educated them, he chose them. His behavior and his actions clearly indicate his preferences and what he was trying to convey. The Holy Women left their husbands and families to travel with him and support his ministry. They were women of means and provided the resources he needed. He shared his teachings with them, he healed the woman with a hemorrhage, he spoke to the woman at the well and told her he brought living water and she would never be thirsty if she followed him. He forgave the woman accused of adultery. He associated with Mary Magdalene even though she was accused of being possessed by demons. Why was she accused? Because she did not want to marry, she did not want to be in servitude to a husband. She had means and was a successful business woman. They accused her of being possessed, Yeshua knew she wasn’t.

The Holy Women Apostles, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Clopas,  Mary, Martha, Joanna, Salome and Susanna were his chosen Apostles.

They were with him at the Last Supper

They stayed with him to the Cross

They witnessed his resurrection

They stayed with him through Pentecost

They received the Holy Spirit

They were written out of the Bible.

They are back. You can see it if you want to, it is undeniable.






Holy Waters

He took them down to the water where he was baptized, he wanted to share his teaching on baptism.  He said flowing water was like a living being, it changes, it ebbs and recedes with the changing moons and can become peaceful or angry calming or stirring up everything in its path. It can also be placid and forgiving, calming and restoring all who come into contact with it. He told the Holy Women that their bodies were most composed of mostly water so they can easily be affected by the moon, by changes in weather and even by their thoughts.

He told them water has memory and thoughts spoken over it become a part of it which was very important. Holy Water is made sacred by the words spoken to it and said over it. He brought the women into the water and had them bless the water, speaking words of love and kindness over the water and expressing gratitude for the water. He then had them baptize each other telling them that the Holy Water would remove spiritual darkness that clinged to them. He said any time one was in the presence of an angry or unkind person they should bless the water and wash themselves and ask the water to remove any remaining negative energy they might have picked up.

He said to bless the water and express their gratitude before using or drinking the water. First make it holy and then the water inside their bodies would be healthy and bring them health. He said focusing loving kindness over the water was also a way to focus  their thoughts on love, this he said would change the world.

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Holy Women of Healing

The Holy Women Apostles continued integrating the lessons he was teaching them and working hard to remember all he told them. They felt a new life grow within them, they were no longer bound by traditional roles assigned to them. They felt an awakening deep inside that set their souls ablaze giving them purpose and e that constricted an limited them. They felt empowered. The Holy Women wanted to help those suffering around them and touch those that were ignored and avoided.

He told them to speak up to let the ancient voice within them rise. he told them they were worthy, they were significant in his eyes. He told them he loved then and he wanted nothing in return.

The Holy Women were healing others now, using the formula he taught them and focusing their love for him into others to heal them. It was working, people were coming to them, desperate people who had no one to care for them. They wanted healing and love. The Holy Women starting loving the desperate ones as he did and it filled them with joy. They had hope.

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Where do we go from here?

Mary Magdalene and the women apostles knew their time with Yeshua was limited and the thought of witnessing another traumatic death was more than they could bear. Yeshua assured them that he would just be leaving and going to directly to Unee this time that they had nothing to fear. She couldn’t understand why he would leave again.

Carry on his work, treat everyone with dignity. He also said cure those whose sight is blinded by this world and help them see a better world. Help the lame stumbling through life, suffering because they can’t see beyond their own perceptions. Raise up those who are lonely feeling unloved and not valued and let them know they too are essential.

How do we do this without him? He said the women would show the world by their actions caring for others and showing compassion for all.

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He Chooses the 7 Women Apostles

I loved you from the beginning. You were given the gift to draw in new souls through your bodies. You draw the spirit of these souls to you as a bridge that connects our world with the spirit world. You are so strong that you bleed, but you do not die. From the beginning you understood my message, when shown love you respond with love despite your hardships.

That is the spirit the world needs to embrace, to love everyone and care for them and that is the spirit running  through you.

I chose you, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Clopas, my mother’s sister-in-law, Mary of Bethany and Martha sisters of Lazarus, Joanna, Salome and Susanna to be my Apostles, my teachers because you live my teachings. I chose you and you have always been my loyal friends. You stayed awake and prayed with me in the garden, you stayed with me as I walked to my death and through my agonizing death on the cross – you never left me. I chose you to see my empty tomb and to see me resurrected.

Others may say I chose the 12, but it is not true. Those who will just look at my choices and my actions will know this is the truth, it can not be denied. Those with eyes to see will see, with ears to listen will hear this truth. There is no mystery here, only truth. I chose you, the 7 seven women because 7 is the number of completion. I completed my work on Earth and you will carry on my ministry to completion. I am truth.

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The Holy Women Apostles and Post Resurrection Life

Everyday was surreal, Mary Magdalene (MM) and the other women felt suspended knowing things would not continue like this. Joanna, Salome and Susanna would watch trying to pretend things were normal, knowing it was never going to be the same. Most often MM, Mary of Bethany (MB) and Martha would be speaking to Yeshua, they could see the sadness growing in MM’s eyes. He told them they must carry on, that they must share his message and not let his teachings fade away. He told them to be strong that things would change, but only after more conflict. He started mentioning how he would be leaving again and this time he would not return right away. He said the world needed to hear his message and embrace it freely, to really understand that peace and love was the only way to ending suffering.

Peter and the others had seen Yeshua as well, they too were shocked and stunned by his appearance. They all were afraid. They all hid from the Rabbi’s and the Romans. They avoided all of the townspeople and prayed.

The men finally left and went up the mountain to Gallilee. Yeshua said he would stay with the women and then they would meet them at the lake.

MM would whisper with Mary of Clopas (MC) long into the night sometimes crying and rocking. This was so hard for her, she loved Yeshua so dearly and could not face losing him permanently. None of them knew how they were going to go on without him. They were so happy he returned, but a deep foreboding weighed on them all.

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The Women Apostles Organize

There will be a time I will leave you, you must begin making preparations now. I have taught you much about the Kingdom which is not of the power and might of this world. You must begin teaching what I have taught you about peace and non-violence. I have instructed you that the meek will inherit the Earth, it is the poor in spirit, not those headstrong and dominant, who will lead.

I have chosen you, Mary Magdalene to lead the others, Mary of Clopas, Mary of Bethany, Martha, Joanna, Susanna and Salome because you have heard my teachings and understand them. You can live these teachings as an example to others.  Organize in your homes with your friends as I met with you in your homes, those who have the capacity to learn will hear and follow. Do not judge anyone, teach them, lead them by your example. Love them. Power and might are not my way, nor is attention seeking and hierarchy. You are my friends, I have invited you to follow me and you have chosen to, you do the same with others.

His next instruction was clear, lead by knowing and living, so they began to organize.

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