Let Go of What You Think You Know

Times are different and looking back in time for answers only clouds the truth. Life is a synthesis of what is and what was, but what was still is with us. He said the kingdom of God is within, it was then and it is now. He said truth is found in a living grain of wheat then, as now, the living essence still lives. Why look back? Look within. The living water is still here, the air, the fire and the earth – all that he used to teach then – still here and that is where his teaching lives. The water of Baptism, the fire of Pentecost, the light of the spirit, the air of God’s breath all still here. There is no living truth in dogma frozen in time nor in rules he spoke out against, not then, not now.

He spoke of living water, birds in the air, flowers in the field existing in rules only nature applied. A flower doesn’t judge another flower, a raindrop doesn’t judge another raindrop and nor should we. We are but made of the same water, earth, air and light that creates all of these, consciousness more awake in some ways, less awake in others.

How to Discern Universal Truth

Does your religion discriminate against Women in any way? or anyone? Then it is not true.

Does your religion call for killing someone of different beliefs? Cause division? Then it is not true.

Does your religion call you a sinner or non-believer? Then it is not true.


close up of tree against sky
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Let Go

Unee is the new way. She is the touch of  the Mother, the incorporation of the feminine.

Balance, alignment, no guilt, no shame. Only love. Love your self and then you can love others. Start with kindness and gentleness and love will flow naturally.

Water follows the path of least resistance. So does Unee.

time lapse photography of lake
Photo by Rachel Baskin Photography on Pexels.com