Temple of Why

Temple of Why

I started this blog and temple as a place to question spirituality. A place to dig deep and root out why I believe what I believe and continue to explore why others believe what they believe. I decided it was a “Druid” temple because I realized I have been a practicing Druid long before I even knew what a Druid was. There is not a lot out there about Druidry and what Druids did, theirs was an oral tradition and they too were killed off by the Romans. It begs the question then how do I know I am a Druid? Why would anyone want to be a Druid?

I think it is important to be connected to spirit, to source, to the between that connects everything in this world – there is something there. I don’t think the something wants or needs to be worshiped or to have sacrifices made to it, I think it just is. It is what keeps a banana alive versus a banana peel that disintegrates, keeps a person alive or lets there body disintegrate after this life force leaves the body. It is the mystery that captivates the mystics and the subtlety that creates awe.

I call her Unee. She is the universal force. When I remember to live according to Unee, I am living in union with the universal force that underpins our world. I work with the moon to help guide the direction of my life and focus on moon phases to cadence my life. I find the more I do that, setting intentions during the new moon, moving to action and checking in on the full moon and following through until the next new moon helps me be in rhythm with the universe. I follow the wheel of the year for the same reason. I am not a farmer so I can’t plow, plant and harvest, but I can direct my life that way. I can be restful during the winter months and recharge, I can start waking to action in the spring, I can follow through on projects in the summer and I can reap the rewards of my work during the Autumn Harvest. I can feel in step this way and pace my life. I also love the opportunity to be “holiday festive” and decorate and have fun with the changing seasons.

Maybe you want to join me in the Temple of Why and find your source. I am going to launch a Temple of Why school to help people along their path, I think it is my mission and how I can help the world.

My barn. Future home of the Temple of Why Druid School.

What is your “Mission”?

What is your mission? What is my mission? Does it matter or is life more destiny based with a few routes to choose from that get us to the same destination?

I think we have a purpose or mission in life, I get confused about what it is for me probably because it is right in front of me staring back at me. I have thought about this a lot over the past lots of years and gone back and forth with myself and others also trying to figure out what they are supposed to be “doing”. I think we all want to be impactful, some people would say important, but I think impactful is a better way to look at it. What impact does my life have in this world? Do I matter at all?

I am focusing in on what I like to do and how that can impact the world. I have spent a lot of time working in my life as many of us have and wondering what the point of it all was. Money, yeah, paying the mortgage of course, taking care of my kids and husband, sure, is that all? Should I expect more? Do you expect more? I feel like there is something else there, deep inside, that drives me to keeping thinking – why am I here?

I like writing this blog, but why bother? Does anyone read it? or is it kind of an online journal? Maybe. I guess I hope for connection, that someone else who is seeking reads something and they are inspired and a connection is made.

What’s my mission? Spirituality, writing, communicating, connecting, letting others know there are others out there….

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who released the demons?

The division in the world is unprecedented, as is the confusion around truth and reason. The demons must be pushed back where they belong allowing healing in the spiritual realm and alignment with the sacred, the cycles of the moon, nature and laws of the universe. The universe is the most inclusive, there is no discrimination, includes all colors as Unee sees us all as flowers in her garden. The demons are real, they are left over energy from previous incarnations, energy looking for a home and sadly, these demons are finding hosts in the world today. See the garden of the universe, observe the different flowers, keep your space and leave room for others to grow.

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Weary World Looks for Answers

Our weary world is rife with need, chaos reigns as people unleash the demons held back through centuries of oppression and pain. The pain is exploding from every pore, every bodily crevice and synapse worn from unseen strikes from unseen sources. Where do we go from here? Who do we look to for relief? We can not despair, life is suffering and joy, pleasure and pain.

I look to the moon at night and think of Nut (Noot) the Egyptian Goddess swallowing the sun at night only to give birth to it the following day. I think of Brigid keening in agony at the death of her son, her heartbreak so raw that she united warring tribes. Is that what we need? to follow the ebb and flow and then in some time retch and writhe in our suffering, birthing our centuries old pain carried lifetime to lifetime ancestor to ancestor?

There is no God to “bless” some and not others, there are lessons to learn from those who have heroically come before, including ourselves. The evolution of the collective soul being birthed in the messy continuum of time and space we now occupy.

The trees provide answers standing as models of energy flowing, shelter for some entities, pouring out energy as a natural cyclical occurrence. I sit with the trees basking in their glow, absorbing their essence and sharing mine. I feel calmer, until the next contraction.

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Learning about Druidry

There is no play book, dogma, doctrine that we can point to to learn Druidry. There were no written records and little actual historical documents other than those tainted by those in opposition to the Druids. So why study this path? What is authentic about it? We have the Celtic myths that give us some color, but I am a big fan of moving forward not backward, we can’t evolve backward nor can we live our lives today based on norms and standards from an ancient people.

I think that is what is great about being a Druid, you can learn about Celtic peoples and some about what Druids represented, but you have to internalize it for yourself and make it your own. Some things you can look deeper into to help along the way:

About ancient Druidry

Ancient sites in Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Sacred Wells

The Tuatha de Danann and the Sidhe

Land of the Living

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

The Triskele

The Dragons of Power: Earth, Sky and Sea

Seasonal Celebrations; Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule and see how they resemble “Christian” holidays

Moon Phases

Incorporate ritual and moon phases into your life. See what works for you.

Druidry and Despair — Druid Life

One of the things I really appreciate about Druidry is there’s nothing inherent in it that will kick me when I’m down. There’s no ‘like attracts like’ philosophy. There’s no sense that suffering and difficulty are a result of bad karma, past life activities or lack of spiritual effort. There are two places a Druid […]

Druidry and Despair — Druid Life

I loved this post so am sharing with permission.

Stone of Destiny – Hill of Tara

A Passion for Druidry

Druidry gets us past my God is better than your God and is a way to align with nature and find our place in nature’s continuum. We get back to our natural rhythms and away from driving ourselves to excess busy-ness for the sake of “accomplishment”. It will help us heal our planet and ourselves. Self-improvement at our own pace is one of the hallmarks of Druidry.

The Tuatha de Danann were the original inhabitants of Ireland, an ancient tribe or “tuatha” of people very connected to nature. They understood each person’s magic came from their own individual set of unique skills. The King would ask each member what they would do to help, what was their contribution to the community. He didn’t command them, he asked them what they did best that would add to the greater good. The people then committed their skill to the community.

Most skills are associated to magical acts, these acts being related to 3 key powers: Sea (water), Sky and Earth. One person could be good at gardening or building that would be associated with Earth, another with math or reading and speaking, that would associated with Sky or Air and someone could be good with chemistry or cooking which could be associated with Water.

The combined resources strengthen the whole of the 3 powers; Sea, Sky and Earth, the legs of the triskele and feed the center or whole community.

What are your skills that would benefit the community?