Winter Solstice – Begin Again in Basic Goodness, you were not born a sinner

The Winter Solstice, a time when the light returns and a time to begin again. Start by acknowledging your basic goodness, you are not a sinner, you were not born into original sin, you were born with inherent basic goodness. Begin your Christmas celebration accepting that and then the basic goodness in others.

What a way to begin! To acknowledge the light even to acknowledge Christ’s real message of Divine Love.

Be authentic! You are made in the image of Divine Love and in the natural law of basic goodness. Forgive yourself, forgive others for teaching you you were flawed and so is everyone else. Live your last day in darkness and accept Christ’s message of the light in yourself and others. He did not come to save you, you have nothing to be saved from! He came to re-establish the light of goodness inherent in all. With the Winter Solstice, live in the light of basic goodness starting today. This is the Winter Solstice message of light in the darkness and of Christ’s message of living in the light.

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