Why the “Temple of Why”?

I started writing under the Temple of Why when I started to seriously question everything I knew about Catholicism. I was a late blooming Catholic coming seriously to the faith after my kids were born and at first, I loved everything about it. Then I started to read Church history, the unfounded accusation that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and the more I read, the more I questioned. The more I read, the less Christianity made sense at all. I explored Buddhism, Hinduism some other paths like Eckankar and even went to a Unitarian Church for a while. Nothing really rang true for me, I found Buddhism and Hinduism very cultural, Eckankar interesting, but not my cup of tea and Unitarians to just be a social justice group. Most of my wanderings have ended up as blog posts on Temple of Why as I tried to sort through my thoughts.

I was looking for authentic spirituality and for years really couldn’t find anything. I developed a meditation practice in my 20’s thanks to Buddhism and my Philosophy degree that I have maintained, but something was still missing. I began to notice that the Universe seemed to always have my back, although I wouldn’t notice until often after the fact. I would be disappointed this or that didn’t go my way and then after the resolution realized the outcome was better than what I had hoped, or I had “dodged the proverbial bullet”. So I gave the Universe a name, Unee, decided she was a feminine energy, women care for others and are, for the most part, more spiritual than men and have developed a path from there.

My path has borne fruit as they say, for me anyway. I feel like Unee has my back, I feel a motherly presence so I try to share my experiences or at least blog them, maybe more for me than anyone. I have connected with some other sources, I do listen to Kryon all the time if you are so inclined. I feel very positive and uplifted as well as grounded after listening to the Kryon videos.

The Temple of Why will always be a place to place questions at the altar, where nothing is SO sacred it can’t be questioned, and I am hoping it will provide some answers and comfort. I am working on healing for myself, so if I find something spiritual that seems to work I will blog that as well. I hope the few that read my blog find something of benefit, or at least I encourage you to not be afraid to question….everything. Thanks for walking the path with me.

If you read anything that you think I might find interesting, please let me know!

Love to all.

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