Unee is coming alive

Unee is an affectionate term I coined for the universe, the feminine aspect of universal energy. I envisioned her as a mother figure always with the best interest of the whole universe in mind. She is the impartial mother balancing the needs of the whole of the human and universal family, sometimes letting things fall [...]

Tonight’s Crystal Grid

Carnelian for positive life choices Citrine for healing the spiritual self, cleansing and regeneration Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony, encourages unconditional love Labradorite is useful for transformation and as a companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance

Crystal protection grid

We call on what nature provides to help us. In turbulent and uneasy times we can use crystals to form a shield of protection. Below is a protection grid using snowflake obsidian surrounded by clear quartz points and anchored in love by howlite and rose quartz. Snowflake Obsidian removes negativity from a space or person, [...]

Who is Unee?

The Mother energy in the universe giving birth to creation. She takes our thoughts  and turns spirit into matter. She is impartial, loving all the same with the Mother's love. We are all her stars and co-create existence in perfect harmony with her. Guard you thoughts as your most important treasure. That is the foundation [...]

The Spirit of Love

The spirit of love is true spirituality - it is alive and always will be. With love there is no violence, no war, no division, there is only peace and unity. Violence is caused by seeing someone else as "other", see the "other" as your mother, sister, daughter, father, brother son - because that is [...]