Breathing in the times of change

Now is a great to access nature for healing. Walking in the cooler weather is easier and more comfortable and the colors of Fall are all around us.

I go out and take some deep breaths and then start to look for colors in nature. I breathe in the green of the grass and focus on exhaling through my heart. I see a beautiful orange pumpkin and breathe in the orange color into my sacral chakra, then exhale through my chakra. I usually spend three breaths on each chakra and more on areas that seem to need attention.

I look for red to breathe into my root chakra and then again, breathe out through the chakra. Yellow leaves are breathed into and out of my solar plexus chakra clearing old stale emotions hiding there. The blue sky clears my throat chakra I usually spend a bit of time on my throat chakra, I have issues with my thyroid and have had trouble “finding my voice” sometimes in the past. I exhale fully through my throat chakra.

I look for indigo in the shadows of mountains or stone walls and breathe that into my third eye and finish with lavender in my crown chakra.

If it is a nice sunny day, I breathe in beautiful fire energy of the Sun through my crown chakra to energize my chakra and store energy. I breathe out of my crown chakra back into the heavens sharing my positive energy with the angels.

My last effort is purposely exhaling deeply in nature, the trees and other plant life use my carbon dioxide for their healing. I thank nature for healing me.

I always feel better after breathing in the times of change.

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Restructuring the Body

I am continuing to experiment with remote healing and the effect it has on my body. I continue working with conscious relaxation and notice that it is definitely making a difference in how I feel. I start at the top of my head and bring awareness to every body part feeling it relax. I start with my skull, forehead, eyebrows, back of my head, pineal gland, salivary glands etc. and go through every body part waiting for the melting relaxation feeling. I am doing this at night before sleep and in the morning when I wake. I am finding it easier and quicker to go through with more practice. I am able to keep my focus and notice any areas that have more pain or tightness as I am refamiliarizing my self with my body.

Once relaxed, I focus my energy on the Divine blueprint body and align myself with it drawing into myself the energy I need to restructure my body in the perfect way it was originally made and originally intended. I can feel vibration throughout my body and have connected with my higher self. It is a distinct feeling, I immediately recognized the shift. You notice the thoughts that come from nowhere that seem to randomly pop up, these thoughts can be easily controlled by my higher self. I apply a calm and assertive attitude and I can dispel them. I notice my body from a different vantage point and have connected to a place where the higher self is directing the body. I have realized that the body is simply matter following orders from the mind. If the mind is connected consciously to the higher self the directions are more clear to the body and more purposeful. I feel that I have more control over the healing taking place, I have more energy, I am calmer and less distracted.

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Healing at the Temple of Y

The symbol Y is known to turn all information received by the body into positive information.

~ Remote Healing, Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field page 72

Exploring the ancient use of symbols in healing I came across this interesting book. Prayer or intentional thought has long been used to treat and heal since the dawn of time. The ancient ones also used symbols such as a Y or multiple horizontal lines over affected body parts to align the body with the perfected template body we were created from. Experimenting with conscious relaxation and intentional alignment with the perfected body template should impart a new vibration on the matter the body is composed of creating healing. We are all attuned to energy that creates us, flows through and around us and is affected by all other bodies we encounter. Intentionally realigning with the perfected body God intended for us should assist the body in reorganizing in the way it was intended and therefore heal us.

Using the symbol Y as a focal point should create a positive change.

Continuing to explore the effects of the Y symbol, conscious relaxation and focused intent on healing the body. More observations to come.

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Holy Women of Healing

The Holy Women Apostles continued integrating the lessons he was teaching them and working hard to remember all he told them. They felt a new life grow within them, they were no longer bound by traditional roles assigned to them. They felt an awakening deep inside that set their souls ablaze giving them purpose and e that constricted an limited them. They felt empowered. The Holy Women wanted to help those suffering around them and touch those that were ignored and avoided.

He told them to speak up to let the ancient voice within them rise. he told them they were worthy, they were significant in his eyes. He told them he loved then and he wanted nothing in return.

The Holy Women were healing others now, using the formula he taught them and focusing their love for him into others to heal them. It was working, people were coming to them, desperate people who had no one to care for them. They wanted healing and love. The Holy Women starting loving the desperate ones as he did and it filled them with joy. They had hope.

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Love = Healing

He gathered the women  in a circle to communicate this sacred teaching about healing. He told them love equals healing and without love there is no healing. He gave them the formula for bringing about healing. He said healing had to begin on the spiritual plane because it is there illness finds a pathway into the body and it is the portal to true healing.

He told them this is the formula to bring about true healing:

Desire to heal, they had to have a true, authentic desire to heal someone, free from motivations that would benefit themselves in some way. Desire to be healed, the person needing healing must ask for healing, healing could not be done without someones permission. Desire to be healed, the person needing healing had to have a sincere desire to be healed. Clear intention, the healer must be clear on what healing was to occur. Focus, the healer had to be fully focused on the healing process.

Lastly and most importantly, love. The healer had to focus the energy of pure love and direct it or aim it to the person needing healing.  This could be accomplished with the healer visioning things that she truly loved, family members, nature, even animals and using that to gather the energy of love. Once that energy was gathered it could be directed at the person in need of healing.

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