Worshipping the Heart

Worshipping the Heart

Losing yourself in spirit means letting go of physical manifestations and focusing on what is truly important. Our spiritual essence is what stays with us incarnation to incarnation, so one has to ask why do we focus so much on the physical world? Achieving in the physical world?

The heart is the gateway to spirit, you get to your true and best spiritual self by passing through the gate of your heart. At the center of your heart lies Divine Love, pure love, love that transcends, transforms and transports us to a higher spiritual realm. There are concentric circles that surround that heart and reveal the path to Divine Love.

The most outer circle is innocence, being free of judgement, jadedness, negativity, fear and assumption. Cultivating innocence like a fawn not being afraid to approach you and be held by you – that is the essence of innocence.

The next inner circle is purity, freeing oneself of toxic influences, talk, food, drink, relationships, energy, anything that we know is coloring our lives in a negative way. When we work at developing the essence of purity we are moving toward the inner circle of Divine Love.

The next concentric circle is beauty, having cultivated innocence and purity, one moves to the level of beauty. One’s spirit radiates with clear and bright energy that is more beautiful that sunlight reflecting through a pure clear quartz, dew on the grass or sunlight on fresh snow. It glitters and sparkles with our truth spiritual essence.

The next concentric circle is truth. Once one reaches the level of beauty it opens a path for truth to be revealed. One sees the light in everyone despite their barriers, one sees past the things obscuring their light and sees the essence inside. This overwhelms the spirit with the truth of the harmony of all things.

The inner most circle is Divine Love, the heart. Reaching this level means you can see the true essence of all and communicate with it from the level of the heart. Here pure harmony exists and discord and chaos are absent.

This is what we should all be striving for, and it represents the end of division, conflict, disappointment and imbalance.

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