Sitting on the Shore

Sitting on the shore watching life events pass by, sometimes we see garbage floating in the water, sometimes we see beautiful flowers, sometimes just the water. This is how Unee tells us to approach our life's challenges, don't wade in the water when things are difficult! You could be hit with garbage and debris flowing [...]

The Magic(k) of the White Herons

Why are the White Herons magical? Or are  they? Unee tells us there is magick and miracles around us all the time. As we have grown more technologically advanced, we have lost our connection to the spiritual. Our ancestors including Shamans,  witches (who were often simply maligned herbologists and spiritually connected individuals) and conventional religious, [...]

Nobility of Intent

What does Unee mean by "nobility of intent"? On the path of love, if we are clear and transparent about our intentions and pass them through the filter of nobility and love we are thinking our best thoughts, acting with our truest actions and fully in alignment with the universe and Unee. May love always [...]

Unee and the White Herons

Why did Unee chose the White Herons to make sacred and reinforce her message? White Herons are a symbol of purity and grace. They are creatures that cooperate and  work with nature. Herons go with the flow of Mother Nature as Unee is delivering a message to us to collaborate with the flow of the [...]

Unee’s miracles

Unee reminds us once again of the mystical miracles that happen everyday - if we stop to notice. Four white herons came to the pond today, never before. It is symbolic, it is a mystery and it is a miracle, a miracle sent to remind us miracles still occur, the divine speaks to us everyday [...]