Unee is coming alive

Unee is an affectionate term I coined for the universe, the feminine aspect of universal energy. I envisioned her as a mother figure always with the best interest of the whole universe in mind. She is the impartial mother balancing the needs of the whole of the human and universal family, sometimes letting things fall [...]

I trust Unee

For those in the US and those outside the US we all face challenges. Tonight we face the presidential debate and no matter what the outcome of the impending election, we have to trust the universe. I trust Unee, all will be well. Peace to all tonight and always.

Jesus, Moses, Allah and Buddha are walking in the world right now, who is happy with their legacy?

Questions from the Temple of Why I have spent a fair amount of my lifetime contemplating the religions of the sand, those great Abraham religions that have been the underpinning of society since they could be forced onto these same societies then I moved to the Eastern religions. Are they the source of truth or [...]

Temple of Why

Temple of Why I started this blog and temple as a place to question spirituality. A place to dig deep and root out why I believe what I believe and continue to explore why others believe what they believe. I decided it was a "Druid" temple because I realized I have been a practicing Druid [...]