Who Am I? Who Are You?

When stripped to the core there is no proof of identity.

The first line of my senior thesis in college. I majored in Philosophy and delved into truths about existence, knowledge, beliefs and why we generally think what we do.

Fast forward a lot of years later and I revisit that first line – “who am I? When stripped to the core there is no proof of identity.” Still as true today as back then. My life is more defined, I have been married for a lot of years, I have 3 grown kids, parents have passed, sister passed – a lot has happened. But fundamentally none of that really defines who I really am. I could leave my home, move to another state, deny my marriage, kids, career, basically life as I know it and no one would know because there is no proof of actual identity.

Now I make take it one step further, were most of my decisions, my decisions or destiny? Is life a series of synchronicities that we think we are orchestrating, but we may not be? We probably have a role in the cooperation with destiny, maybe that is why we go through tough times, maybe those are the times we have lost alignment.

Unee has become a trusted friend to me . I am where I am because I am supposed to be here. Things will all work out because they have to, the next step has to be taken whether we actually take it or not. Life carries on, synchronicity happens all the time and everything is ok.

If I move away and assume a new identity I am supposed to, if I don’t I am not supposed to. I can chose to watch in wonder as my life unfolds, support my flow and acceptance or not.

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8/8 The Lion’s Gate and Unee as Mother Bear

8/8 is said to be the Lion’s Gate – halfway through Leo when the energy of the Lion is at it’s peak. Unee, the Spirit of the Mother, has embodied the Mother Bear and has come out of her cave to take on  the Lion.

Unee says:

I forgive humans for polluting my sister, Mother Earth, but it is time for change

I forgive humans for hurting each other and not seeing others as themselves, but it is time for change

We must collectively tap into the energy of Unee, of the Mother Bear, and change the world we live in. Unee is here sending us energy, giving us courage to act in small ways and bold ways to make change happen.

Love, care and compassion must take charge and lead the way.

May love prevail.

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Restoring Balance in Life

How do we restore balance in our lives?

Unee tells us it is ok to say no, it is ok not to be perfect, sometimes it is ok just to be present. What does it mean to have balance in one’s life? To have time, to not be stressed by meeting what we believe are the demands on our time and on our lives. We need to make time for peace in our lives, consciously schedule time for quietness and lack of stimulation. Make peacefulness a priority.

May love prevail.

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Feeling the Love of Unee

Feeling the love of Unee is feeling the love you yearn for, the love you wish you had felt from all those who have disappointed you. It is a feeling that really can’t adequately be described. Having experienced this love, I never wanted to return to this world, the love was so intense and so unconditional you want this feeling with you always. There is no judgement, no shame, no guilt, no regret, no rejection just an emanating, intense feeling of love all around you and inside of you.  This really exists and is available to everyone, there are no rules or conditions. When you expect it and believe it can happen, it will come, Unee is here always. Sit on the shore with Unee, observe life and you will begin to get attuned with Unee. Then you will have a breakthrough and you will be open to this experience.

May love always be.

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Practicing Unee’s Path

To practice Unee’s path, sit quietly and imagine this stream of life passing by in front of you. You are there with Unee, she radiates maternal love so pure you never want to leave her presence. You watch the stream of life together, she reminds  you not to wade into the water, she is managing the balance of all life and everything always turns out the way it should. Life is a balance of past karma, present life and future existence all at the same time. She sees and manages all, but you feel safe and calm like never before. Her presence is the love you have never experienced in this way, it envelops you and you know all will be well. She loves you and you can feel it in every cell of your being. Remember to visit her often at this place. She is always waiting for you.

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The Truth of Unee

Why is Unee bringing the true path? Because it is the simple path, unencumbered. Interested observation is our approach to living in this world. We approach Unee for peace of mind, to be reminded that love prevails, peace prevails and walking this path allows us to observe the beauty in life and leave the drama behind.

May love always be.


Sitting on the Shore

Sitting on the shore watching life events pass by, sometimes we see garbage floating in the water, sometimes we see beautiful flowers, sometimes just the water. This is how Unee tells us to approach our life’s challenges, don’t wade in the water when things are difficult! You could be hit with garbage and debris flowing downstream, stay on the shore and watch it float by. Don’t be tempted to jump in with the flowers either, just watch them, take in their beauty, don’t try to hold on to them. If the water is calm, just watch it still, sometimes there are alligators under the water, better just to be an observer!

Flow with Unee, sit with her on the shore.

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