Voice of Feminine Energy

Yeshua knew that by excluding the voice of the feminine left an imbalance in the energy of the universe, in the community and in the family. He integrated the feminine voice into all of his teachings to begin to introduce the need for balance and how the need for representation of masculine and feminine voices [...]

Love = Healing

He gathered the women  in a circle to communicate this sacred teaching about healing. He told them love equals healing and without love there is no healing. He gave them the formula for bringing about healing. He said healing had to begin on the spiritual plane because it is there illness finds a pathway into [...]

A Storm is Coming

It's ok, there is beauty is a storm too, we can just watch it go by. Nothing stays the same, everything changes, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and a rainbow after every rainstorm. How we ride out the storm is determined by how we perceive it. May love prevail.

No Stress

With Unee we are constantly reminded that stress is self-induced - not to make us feel guilty, but to empower us to change what is stressing us. We can change our reaction, our response to the stressful stimuli, we can remember that we can be in the flow of Unee and ride the current. Defining [...]

The Unholy Trinity

Fear, Anxiety and Stress. Fear is the root, anxiety in the continuation and stress is their nutrition. Focusing on Unee and knowing  she is balancing the needs of the whole - including this life and karma from past lives, we can have the spiritual realization that everything is how it needs to be.   Love LOVE [...]

Praying for the sick

We don't pray beggar's prayers to Unee, that would imply she was willing to help those who get better and not help those who remain ill. People aren't "blessed" because  they get what they have prayed for - Unee is the manifestation of maternal love and as a good Mother loves everyone equally. If a [...]

Unee’s Health Blueprint

Unee's gift to all of us is the blueprint for perfect health. Don't accept seeds of ill health - anyone suggesting you may be unhealthy. The greatest impact on health today is negative suggestion. Our bodies have a blueprint programmed by Unee for perfect health that should be our focus. Time and memory are false [...]