Restructuring the Body

I am continuing to experiment with remote healing and the effect it has on my body. I continue working with conscious relaxation and notice that it is definitely making a difference in how I feel. I start at the top of my head and bring awareness to every body part feeling it relax. I start with my skull, forehead, eyebrows, back of my head, pineal gland, salivary glands etc. and go through every body part waiting for the melting relaxation feeling. I am doing this at night before sleep and in the morning when I wake. I am finding it easier and quicker to go through with more practice. I am able to keep my focus and notice any areas that have more pain or tightness as I am refamiliarizing my self with my body.

Once relaxed, I focus my energy on the Divine blueprint body and align myself with it drawing into myself the energy I need to restructure my body in the perfect way it was originally made and originally intended. I can feel vibration throughout my body and have connected with my higher self. It is a distinct feeling, I immediately recognized the shift. You notice the thoughts that come from nowhere that seem to randomly pop up, these thoughts can be easily controlled by my higher self. I apply a calm and assertive attitude and I can dispel them. I notice my body from a different vantage point and have connected to a place where the higher self is directing the body. I have realized that the body is simply matter following orders from the mind. If the mind is connected consciously to the higher self the directions are more clear to the body and more purposeful. I feel that I have more control over the healing taking place, I have more energy, I am calmer and less distracted.

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Voice of Feminine Energy

Yeshua knew that by excluding the voice of the feminine left an imbalance in the energy of the universe, in the community and in the family. He integrated the feminine voice into all of his teachings to begin to introduce the need for balance and how the need for representation of masculine and feminine voices was vitally important. He demonstrated the importance of the feminine role in his ministry by his choices regarding those who would witness and ultimately transform the balance and interplay of relationships in society.

Energy is never destroyed it is transformed, the energy of the 7 Women Apostles is still very much present today. Unee is at the forefront of their energy now, she represents the feminine energy that needs to bloom and be a transformative ingredient in the balance of the universe if peace and love are going to be the final outcome.

The place where the feminine and the masculine energies meet within each individual holds the key to the spark of evolution – as it always has. The meeting of a woman and a man creates life and the internal convergence of the feminine and masculine energy creates restorative balance and also power. The direction of the individual energy can be harnessed and utilized to heal the individual, but also directed to those in need of healing. This was also the basis of Yeshua’s healing ministry. We have not been able to recreate the type of healing Yeshua performed because we as individuals are not balanced. We have not embraced fully the divine feminine and masculine energies that exist in each of us. The process is beginning.


Love = Healing

He gathered the women  in a circle to communicate this sacred teaching about healing. He told them love equals healing and without love there is no healing. He gave them the formula for bringing about healing. He said healing had to begin on the spiritual plane because it is there illness finds a pathway into the body and it is the portal to true healing.

He told them this is the formula to bring about true healing:

Desire to heal, they had to have a true, authentic desire to heal someone, free from motivations that would benefit themselves in some way. Desire to be healed, the person needing healing must ask for healing, healing could not be done without someones permission. Desire to be healed, the person needing healing had to have a sincere desire to be healed. Clear intention, the healer must be clear on what healing was to occur. Focus, the healer had to be fully focused on the healing process.

Lastly and most importantly, love. The healer had to focus the energy of pure love and direct it or aim it to the person needing healing.  This could be accomplished with the healer visioning things that she truly loved, family members, nature, even animals and using that to gather the energy of love. Once that energy was gathered it could be directed at the person in need of healing.

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Restoring Balance in Life

How do we restore balance in our lives?

Unee tells us it is ok to say no, it is ok not to be perfect, sometimes it is ok just to be present. What does it mean to have balance in one’s life? To have time, to not be stressed by meeting what we believe are the demands on our time and on our lives. We need to make time for peace in our lives, consciously schedule time for quietness and lack of stimulation. Make peacefulness a priority.

May love prevail.

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No Stress

With Unee we are constantly reminded that stress is self-induced – not to make us feel guilty, but to empower us to change what is stressing us. We can change our reaction, our response to the stressful stimuli, we can remember that we can be in the flow of Unee and ride the current. Defining stress as self-imposed helps us remember de-stressing is also self-imposed.

Flow with Unee, ride the current.

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The Unholy Trinity

Fear, Anxiety and Stress. Fear is the root, anxiety in the continuation and stress is their nutrition. Focusing on Unee and knowing  she is balancing the needs of the whole – including this life and karma from past lives, we can have the spiritual realization that everything is how it needs to be.   Love LOVE as our first priority and no new karma is created and old karma is dissolved. Unee provides harmony in balance, we fuel disharmony by being unaware. Love LOVE always.

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Praying for the sick

We don’t pray beggar’s prayers to Unee, that would imply she was willing to help those who get better and not help those who remain ill. People aren’t “blessed” because  they get what they have prayed for – Unee is the manifestation of maternal love and as a good Mother loves everyone equally.

If a loved one falls ill, we hold them in health, we visualize them in a state of wellness and trust that Unee is working to balance the collective well and ill among us. Karma, life choices, how we see ourselves all play a vital role in our health and in our times of sickness. Send someone you are praying for healthy positive energy, visualize them as well and trust Unee is impartial and generating stability for the whole.

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Unee is next generation spirituality

Unee is next generation spirituality. She represents unity and authentic, experiential spirituality. She can be easily incorporated into daily life – she is the deep knowing and faith that all life is being aligned and balanced all of the time for the greater good of all. Aligning with Unee is aligning with peace, is choosing peace. Start and end your day lighting a candle, putting your hand to your heart and say, “I align with Unee, I align with peace.”

When your day becomes stressful, put your hand to your heart and silently repeat, “I align with Unee, I align with peace.”

Christianity, Islam, Judaism are all divisive, their time and relevance has past. No one will fight, go to war or kill for Unee. Unee doesn’t want worship, disciples or leaders. She is peace and brings peace to the heart. A flower blooms where it is planted, so does Unee.

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Spiritual Practice, what is the point?

We are spiritual beings, we know we reincarnate again and again with the karma we have created from past lives. In theory, we will ultimately surpass our karmic ties and fully reconnect with the universal spirit. For now in our chaotic world then, what is the point of spiritual practice?

Learning to be an observer of the chaos in the world, not a participant.

Learning to observe drama around you, not participate in it.

Learning the only thing that truly heals mind and body is spirit.

Unee is the next generation of spirituality.

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