Yeshua the Path Finder

Knowing he would be leaving the Women pressed Yeshua to explain everything again, they knew with a deep knowing that what he was saying was correct, but how would they remember? Time would corrupt their memories and yet writing things down did not seem adequate to capture the essence of what he was saying. How [...]

Where do we go from here?

Mary Magdalene and the women apostles knew their time with Yeshua was limited and the thought of witnessing another traumatic death was more than they could bear. Yeshua assured them that he would just be leaving and going to directly to Unee this time that they had nothing to fear. She couldn't understand why he [...]

Mary Held Him

Joseph had him taken down from the cross and Mary held him in her arms. She rocked him, she held him close to her, her tears mixing with the blood on his face and then running down his cheek. We all surrounded her, our cries turning to hoarse moans. We were sobbing, holding each other.  [...]