Unee Goddess of the Universe

The premise that there was a universal God orchestrating all events has been a prevalent requirement of those affiliated with a mainstrem religion. Hindus on the other hand claim upwards of 330,000 Gods and Goddesses to suit all of their individual needs.

I think I and my Unee fall into this category. When I began noticing if I were aligned with the Universe my life seemed to flow along with fewer bumps. I seem more content, less troubled by what I think should happen and more focused on being aligned with what is happening in my life. I learned life doesn’t always have to be a headwind.

The Universe became Unee for short and I felt nurtured and cared for not by a being that was blessing me up and above someone else, but just for taking my place in the greater whole of the Universe – that was my job and my path. Synchronicities seem to occur more frequently, FB fights declined and I started realizing what I want may not be what others want and that’s kind of how it is. I could work toward my aspirations while giving people space to work theirs and on their path.

Are you attracted to Unee? Ok read my blog see if you too notice anything changing for the better for you. I would make one suggestion, lower your expectations and don’t be married to what you want to happen. I think that is when we leave room for the real magic to happen.

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What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’ponopono means correction or to make right. We take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives and ask for forgiveness of the Divine IN OUR SELVES. We have forgotten we were made perfect and hold onto bad data – memories and false perceptions. We are NOT our memories, but all of our lives are colored by them.  Practicing Ho’oponopono helps us erase our memories, embedded memories from our ancestral line and reset ourselves back to “zero” starting again with a clean slate.

With ho’oponopo we clean, we erase.

  • We take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives;
    • Our family interactions
    • Our work interactions
    • The political climate on our country (it is collective bad memories)
  • By reciting a simple phrase and “cleaning” our “data”:

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you.

Over and over, every time we start  rethinking, worrying, not feeling good enough, not liking our partner or even or boss.

There is nothing out there, we falsely interpret what is happening using faulty data accumulated in the memory bank called our subconscious.

Please refer to http://www.zero-wise.com for more information.

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There is nothing to fear

Unee doesn’t create fear, there are no consequences to not believing in Unee except those that you create for yourself. Fear you will go to hell? You are already in hell. Fear you will not be saved? Saved from what? You are safe, you are loved.

What about when we die? Perhaps we go to Summerland, where we rest and get ready for our new incarnation. So in this lifetime Unee says, love LOVE first, lead with love that is the best way to reduce your karmic debt.

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Crystal Beliefs

Unee resides in the crystal Temple of Why. It is crystal because Unee is pure simplicity and fully transparent to all who wish to know her. Artificial gestures, adoration, praise and supplication will not move her. She has no interest in saving you, there is nothing to be saved from except your own false beliefs. She won’t bless you because you are already blessed equally with other beings. She needs no worship or veneration. She loves and if we open ourselves we can feel her presence. We respond with openness and trust that she is balancing the needs of all fairly and with no bias. We find peace.

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Peace comes with knowing

Peace comes with knowing things will change, happy times will sometimes turn sad, sad times will turn happy, our expectations actually cause the most distress. With Unee you can lower your expectations and let life surprise you – pleasantly! Acceptance of change brings peace, knowing Unee is adjusting and balancing everything in the universe simultaneously brings freedom.

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Closing the pandora’s box called religion

Religion unleashed a Pandora’s box of artificial complications and humanity transformed from being in harmony with nature and it’s cycles to artificially constrained by dogma meant to harness behavior.

Spirituality is recognizing the energy contained in all living things is from the same source. This life-flowing energy can’t be destroyed and it always seeks and achieves balance if we allow ourselves to align to it’s movement.