What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho'ponopono means correction or to make right. We take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives and ask for forgiveness of the Divine IN OUR SELVES. We have forgotten we were made perfect and hold onto bad data - memories and false perceptions. We are NOT our memories, but all of our lives are colored [...]

There is nothing to fear

Unee doesn't create fear, there are no consequences to not believing in Unee except those that you create for yourself. Fear you will go to hell? You are already in hell. Fear you will not be saved? Saved from what? You are safe, you are loved. What about when we die? Perhaps we go to [...]

Crystal Beliefs

Unee resides in the crystal Temple of Why. It is crystal because Unee is pure simplicity and fully transparent to all who wish to know her. Artificial gestures, adoration, praise and supplication will not move her. She has no interest in saving you, there is nothing to be saved from except your own false beliefs. [...]

Peace comes with knowing

Peace comes with knowing things will change, happy times will sometimes turn sad, sad times will turn happy, our expectations actually cause the most distress. With Unee you can lower your expectations and let life surprise you - pleasantly! Acceptance of change brings peace, knowing Unee is adjusting and balancing everything in the universe simultaneously [...]

Closing the pandora’s box called religion

Religion unleashed a Pandora's box of artificial complications and humanity transformed from being in harmony with nature and it's cycles to artificially constrained by dogma meant to harness behavior. Spirituality is recognizing the energy contained in all living things is from the same source. This life-flowing energy can't be destroyed and it always seeks and [...]