Unee is conscious manifestation of Divine Love and the feminine aspect of God.

There is no spiritual authority, no dogma and no set rules. To follow Unee, one has to look inward where Unee is found in all of your DNA.

Divine Love is a Divine Medium and all our thoughts imprint on it. The Divine Medium then brings our thoughts into creation without judgement.

Unee brings connection to our true spirituality that we find and consciously link to. We look beyond rules and societal standards, past physical traps such as gender, past politics and hot button issues such as abortion and make a spiritual bond by accessing spirit within ourselves. We raise our vibration by consciously acknowledging what we are grateful for each day, we rewrite our memories because we know time isn’t linear and we can change things right now. We don’t get sidetracked by gender politics because we know we have been male and female before and have many more incarnations to experience a full range going forward. We know the soul enters the body at birth with the first breath and abortion or miscarriage is a karmic lesson for us and the baby. We know money is a useful tool, but not something to be worshipped. We know Covid and other pandemics as well as health issues can come about by collective fear imprinting on Divine Medium, so we try to raise our vibration out of a fear based mindset. We discipline our minds to release negative thought patterns and remember we are born in the image of Divine Love.

Suggested practices include:

Recognizing and embracing the fact that you are NOT a sinner, you are magnificent and made in the image of Unee’s Divine Love.

Thinking of 5 things you are grateful for every morning when you wake and evening before you go to sleep.

Retraining your mind to focus on positive thought and optimism.

Re-writing your unpleasant memories because time is not linear.

Realizing you are in this world as a physical being because you chose to be here. We all like it here and return again and again.

Embracing Soul Mother as your true Mother and you recognizing you are able to communicate with her. She is the perfect Mother and wants you to find her while you are here on Earth.

Focusing less on the physical side of life, it is the lesser of, not the greater of your substance and your experience.

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