Your perception, your world

What you perceive, the world becomes for you. If you are afraid the world becomes a scary place, if you hate, the world becomes a place full of people to hate or who hate you, if you are depressed you see the negativity in the world.

If you perceive beauty, the world becomes beautiful, if you perceive compassion, the world becomes softer, kinder. If you perceive joy, everyone around you seems happier – and they become happier because emotion is contagious.

The spirit of joy, spirit of hope, team spirit, a spirited group, holy spirit, sacred spirit, all imply the energy of the spirit is present because spirit is actual. It is the force within a person of a group, the inner quality. The spirit of determination – the force of someone determined to do something. The spirit of the law, the spirit of full disclosure, in the spirit of cooperation all indicate truth – the phrases, “the spirit of” or “in the spirit of” all indicate something being done truthfully and for mutual benefit.

Spirit is all around and in us, think energy if spirit is too “spiritual”. The energy you bring is the energy you create and that is the world as you know it.

Your perception, your world.

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