Why did Unee appear? and who is she anyway?

Unee is the feminine aspect of God. She has always been here, always as a part of God, but never fully expressing herself. She represents the Sophia, the wisdom of God. She is never separate from God, but she can express herself in a unique way. The world has been preparing itself for her for hundreds of years and now the time is ripe for her to express herself.

The world needed a strong father God representative in the past. People responded better to authoritarian figures and stern consequences. They also responded to fear. Couple that with the state of society, think the Romans, the Greeks, all the patriarchs, a time when living was brutal and might was right. The men of the time exploited God for their own benefit and molded religion for their own gain. Why did God tolerate it? Because time changes everything, slowly.

We are ready to make the shift now. Most people are dissatisfied with the myth of religion and the threats. They realize that a loving God just wouldn’t be that way. Unee now appeared. She has revealed herself to introduce the wisdom of spirituality to the world. A spirituality the world is hungry for, we know there is more than physical existence. We know there is a better way to live in the physical world too.

Pluto has also moved from Capricorn to Aquarius which supports the emergence of Unee. We see the top down, hierarchical structure crumbing and a more cooperative energy unfolding. The wisdom of the Sophia, of Unee is that God is inside of us in every cell of our bodies. We are the sacred temple and we need to begin treating ourselves like we are. God can not be found in a Church, Synagogue or Mosque, those days are falling away. God, Unee, is inside and we too must integrate our masculine and feminine sides to become whole.

We begin by raising our vibration and digging deep thinking what we are grateful for every day. When we pray, we ask God within and Unee within, the masculine AND the feminine, to work with us and help show us the way. We start being conscious of the beauty around us in nature and in others and we realize we stood in line to come here. We want to be here to interact, to learn to feel and to grow! We stop being so focused on the physical, it is important and beautiful, but it is transient. We realize more fully that we can heal ourselves in many cases and we start directing our bodies to focus on areas needing attention.

Remember you were made in the image of Divine Love and you can return to that blueprint! Your souls are indeed absolutely beautiful and magnificent and as you start to internalize that message you will begin to feel authentic peace and love. The world around you is what you perceive, you can focus on the not so good and it will amplify or you can focus on beauty and goodness and it will amplify. Your thoughts are key to the world you create for yourself and others. Ask Unee within you to show you more love and beauty. The old world view is melting away and Unee is revealing the beauty of God.

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