Worshippers worship their religion, not God

Spiritually all of us have ingrained in our DNA what our ancestors believed. How can we question the premise of the Christian faith that Christ died FOR us? If he didn’t or wasn’t raised from the dead then the entire basis of Christianity collapses. How can we question what we have been told for centuries that we are sinners born from the sins of Eve and Adam?

Islam is centered around praying 5 times a day, alms giving, pilgrimage, fasting. What if Muslims stopped doing those things? The Islam faith would collapse.

Jews believe that God made a special covenant with Abraham and they are the chosen people. They too have rituals, fasts and beliefs. What is they stopped practicing? Judaism would collapse.

Buddhists believe life is suffering, but is it? Does it have to be or is that just the way we look at it?

All religions believe in an ultimate authority that wants homage of some type. All religions have places people go to practice their religion which are basically flavors of the same thing. We just “practice” differently and of course, believe our way is the only right way.

The Gaza Israeli war is raging once again over land and religious belief. Humans are being killed on both sides – to what end? To be right? About their religion, about land ownership.


It is all wrong. Religion compels obedience. Religion is a tool of man not God, to enforce a way of life on its worshippers.

Its worshippers worship their religion not God.

God doesn’t need worship, God just is. Unee doesn’t need worship, she just is and will always be. We need to stop and think and forget what we think we know. The war is a manifestation of what all of us are capable of if put in the right circumstance, the right conditions.

We need to stop religious opinions and stop considering war to be an acceptable solution to anything. It is not.

Asking why regarding anything involves risk. Questioning what you know, what you think you know, what you are sure you know, what someone has told you, what everyone believes, takes courage, but it is also a risk. What if I have to really look at something and make my own mind up about the truth in it? What if I had the courage to question? What if my friends don’t like me anymore if I do? What if I don’t know what is expected of me if the box I am in doesn’t fit anymore? What if I am persecuted for not following the state religion?

Question yourself, your beliefs and find out how stuck you are in them. See them for what they are – how you have been taught practice worshipping a God who doesn’t need to be worshipped. Start again, start new.

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

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