The Unee God Crystal?

Nicola Tesla was in love with quartz crystals. Quartz is the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet. All you need do is notice the tiny amount of quartz necessary to work a watch or clock and one can only imagine what a larger piece of quartz can do.

If indeed quartz is an energy magnifier and it is alive as Tesla and many scientists believe, what if we can use quartz to align ourselves with the internal vibration of Unee God? Crystal healers will tell you you can program quartz and assign it tasks, what if we assign it to align our vibration with the frequency of Unee God inside of us?

Christ said to look for the kingdom of God within. Unee God can not be found in Churches, Temples or Mosques, Unee God is inside the DNA of each of us. Programing quartz crystals and then meditating with them may bring us in closer alignment with the Unee God inside and help us align with true spirituality. Here we can purify our thoughts, align them with Unee God, see the Universe inside and outside of ourselves and truly experience the oneness of all. There we find peace.

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