The Real Gifts

We all come into this World after leaving Soul Mother and Soul Family with gifts we have been given. These gifts are kind of fun because they are like secret gifts. We don’t know we have them, but other people do. If you ask someone what “gifts” they have, they will generally get uncomfortable and say I don’t have any gifts or “talents”. Gifts are not necessarily “talents” gifts are expressions of who you are that you unknowingly share with other people. They are tied to your soul’s purpose and give us clues to what our soul’s purpose is.

Our gifts are not hidden from us, per se, but we seem to be unaware of them or we downplay them. We have been taught in this lifetime and most others that we are unworthy and the best thing we can do is be humble and beg forgiveness for being so wretched. We need to work to identify our gifts again and work with those. How do we know what our gifts are? Someone else has to tell us.

What could be the best “gift” you could give someone this year? Tell them what their gifts are, tell them what you like about them tell them what they are good at, it is the first step to identifying your life’s purpose and their’s.

Just a few “gifts”:

Enthusiasm and encouragement: someone who makes you feel positive

Caring: someone who loves taking care of things and making people feel comfortable

Imagination: someone who has a great imagination and makes you see things you hadn’t seen before

Connection to spirit: someone who reminds you there is a spiritual realm that is very realm

Hope: someone who can make you fell everything will be ok

Peace: someone who has a peaceful countenance and whose presence makes you feel peaceful

Joy: someone who makes you happy being around them

Love: someone who make you feel lovable even when you don’t feel lovable

Laughter: someone who makes you laugh and cheers you up

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