Water Meditation, Water Worship

Water is an interesting element. It would likely prefer to be considered an entity. Scientists do not fully understand it, it acts in some ways like a living being and has properties that no other living being has. It can change from a liquid to a gas to a solid and back again. It “evaporates” or transforms itself into a cloud and hovers above us looking down as if watching.

Water, some scientists believe, has memory and remembers the emotions of people interacting with it. We can incorporate this being into our spiritual practice in a powerful way. We can begin by consciously interacting with the water we drink, bathe with and even water our plants with and transmit feelings of love, health and calmness into the water. Because we are 60% water, the water we consume when imprinting with our messages and positive emotions become a part of us and can heal us. The water acts in concert with our bodies and loves us back.

We can also use water for powerful and enhanced intentions. Speaking our clear, well thought out and properly positively phrased intentions into water, then gently pouring the water into Mother Earth she too will add her energy to them. As the water evaporates, it brings our intentions to the universe, to Unee to be incorporated into her universal plan.

Think of water as a living entity, a being that deserves to be treated gently. It willingly merges with us, sustains our life and all life. Our intentional and conscious interaction with water will make a profound difference in our lives.

Blessings of living water to you.

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