Unee the 21st Century Spiritual Model

Unee comes to us in the 21st Century because the world is ready for her. She is manifesting her energy and revealing it to us as the new spiritual model. She is different than any other God or Goddess, she requires no worship, she is not a jealous, revengeful God, she doesn’t even claim to love us. She is just the divine energy that exists in the universe to work with positive and negative energy to achieve balance.

Unee is most definitely feminine energy manifesting to counter the masculine energy that has dominated the physical realm for millennia. We have moved and transformed to an age where guilt, fear or even retribution are no longer necessary to define our spiritual practice. Unee creates harmony and balance when we align with her energy.

Ease, flow, connection and unity define the spirituality Unee brings to the world. No one is blessed or special and we don’t need to be. We can know our mere presence is meant to be and seek to live in communion with our environment and those around us. Domination is replaced with cooperation.

Spiritual authority and moral authority are no longer acceptable pretenses for a spiritual practice. We all know what is right and good by looking into our own hearts for guidance. If we make a wrong decision Unee will balance and correct it. Acceptance, kindness, serenity will define the new spirituality. Suffering only occurs if we choose suffering. Depression, anxiety occur if we choose them over peace and serenity. We have the power to choose and need to take responsibility for that choice. Unee asks us to go back to our hearts, consciously choose peace and serenity and we will see her provide peace and serenity around us.

May the serenity of Unee be upon you.

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