Unee in everything, love in everything

My last post I talked about recognizing I was in love with God or Unee. It means so much more. Unee is in everything, every tree, flower, bug, dog, bird, the Earth, the Universe and you and me. And loving Unee, loving love is loving myself and loving everything is loving every tree, flower, bug, dog, bird and the Earth and the Universe. The feeling you get when you fall in love, is the feeing you get deep in nature, it comes from the same source. And then you realize as you are loving everything, everything is loving you back.

I once felt love was a lie because I didn’t understand love. I feel like I have at least been introduced to her now and like I want to know her. I get that loving my dog is the same love as loving another person is the same love as loving nature is the same love as loving God.

God or Unee or Source or Divine is all the same. It is loving us while we are loving it and it is divine. It’s real beauty, it’s magic, it is requited and it is magnificent. We are not “sinners”, we are not “fallen” we don’t need a savior, we need to live and to be loved.

God, Unee, Source is in love with me and you and everything.

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