Cleanse your mind

Everyday we wash our bodies, we shower, wash our faces, brush our teeth, but we never cleanse our minds.

We need to rid ourselves of accumulated thought, we are thought hoarders! We ruminate over every action, word, interaction of the day and we bring it home with us.

We need to cleanse our minds in just as disciplined a way as we cleanse out bodies. We need to purge old hurts, grievances, embarrassments and let them go.

We need to remember Divine Love. Unee, God, Creator, Source whatever you choose to call the Divine that works for you loves you as all the people in your life should love you, but can’t. We were created in the image of Source in the image of Love and that should replace every thought. And once you you start that process, your body even starts cooperating and starts feeling love.

Was that thought loving, was that action loving, was that interaction loving, do I love myself enough? You don’t have to “love” everyone, but love the little angel or soul that resides inside them – that is their purity and essence.

Cleanse your mind and focus from the heart first. Let your heart cleanse your mind.

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