Being in love with Unee or God

I am in love with Unee or God and I have been for many years, the thing is, I didn’t know it. I have looked for him/her for my entire life in different religions, spiritual practices, meditation, chanting, singing, crying out for him in the night when I had insomnia and first thing when I would wake.

I tried to be be more “holy” or “saint” like because I figured if I just did it “right” I would feel his/her presence more. I blogged about spirituality, finally thinking my questioning was getting me closer. I thought about God all the time and I knew I didn’t have faith.

When I stopped thinking about being a sinner and what I was doing wrong and when I stopped thinking I needed a savior because all of humanity is fallen, it made room for my experience of God to take root. I was able to understand my experience of God and I realized I was in love with God and he is in love with me.

He came running down a red hot roof to see me face to face when he realized what was happening, that I remembered who he was. He said I am magnificent and all humans are, we are his most magnificent creations. My heart swelled when he said he loves us all and that is all there is, no judgement, no threats, just love. When I started internalizing that, I could feel him with me all the time, in every cell.

God is love, we at our core are love and that is all there is.

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