The Women Apostles Organize

There will be a time I will leave you, you must begin making preparations now. I have taught you much about the Kingdom which is not of the power and might of this world. You must begin teaching what I have taught you about peace and non-violence. I have instructed you that the meek will inherit the Earth, it is the poor in spirit, not those headstrong and dominant, who will lead.

I have chosen you, Mary Magdalene to lead the others, Mary of Clopas, Mary of Bethany, Martha, Joanna, Susanna and Salome because you have heard my teachings and understand them. You can live these teachings as an example to others.  Organize in your homes with your friends as I met with you in your homes, those who have the capacity to learn will hear and follow. Do not judge anyone, teach them, lead them by your example. Love them. Power and might are not my way, nor is attention seeking and hierarchy. You are my friends, I have invited you to follow me and you have chosen to, you do the same with others.

His next instruction was clear, lead by knowing and living, so they began to organize.

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