Yeshua and the Women Apostles

He had appeared first to Mary Magdalene, then to the other women, the Myrrh Bearers who had accompanied Mary Magdalene (MM) to his tomb. He had instructed MM to tell Peter and the others. They knew he would return! He wouldn’t just leave them! The day following his return they remained elated, relieved he had returned so soon, joyously anticipating what they would do next.

He took MM aside and told her again that those of the world didn’t understand true power and wisdom. He said he purposely appeared to her first and then the other women so they would understand their significance once again. He reminded her that they stayed awake and prayed with him in the garden, he chose them to accompany him to his cross and bear witness to his death, he chose them to first see him resurrected. It was important that they fully realized, fully grasped what he was doing. He was elevating them, he was demonstrating to them – and the world – that those perceived as weaker would be made strong, those who were meek were going to inherit the Earth. This was his living example.

Yeshua went on and reminded them they were the righteous ones, they were the peacemakers, they would be merciful and they were pure in heart that is why he chose them.

He said he showed the world they were worthy.



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