The NAG-ger

All of us walk through life not conscious of the Divine within – until we are – and fighting the NAG-ger. The NAG-ger is the giant voice in our heads that taunts us and sows seeds of discontent within our minds, within our hearts and within our souls. The NAG-ger is constantly belittling us, telling us we don’t measure up in some way, trying to bring us down to its level. The NAG-ger sits on our shoulder speaking negativity into our ears like a never-ending thread of darkness.

We all have it, we are all human.

How do we rid ourselves of the NAG-ger? We nag back. We speak back to the NAG-ger and tell it to leave, it has no place here. We tell it to be quiet we are not listening and we keep doing it and doing it and doing it until the NAG-ger’s voice gets softer and softer and softer. For most of us the NAG-ger is empowered. Why? Because we listen to it, we give it our time and attention, we give our power away to it and we believe the negativity because the NAG-ger has been so persistent.

NAG-gers are effective because they nag. How do you deal with a nagger? Don’t try to justify why the NAG-ger is wrong, you are just giving it more power. Don’t try to ignore it, it will keep coming back louder – it is the NAG-ger after all. Tell it to stop and say I am not listening so just stop. Take a shower and wash the NAG-ger energy down the drain, pay particular attention to the back of your neck and shoulder region, that is where negativity clings. Apply sage oil or rosemary oil to the back of your neck/shoulder area to protect it so the negativity “slides” off. (remember, only use a drop or two of essential oil that is is you need! It is very concentrated).

You have to consciously deal with the NAG-ger to get control back, but you can send it on its way every time it starts speaking.

Bon voyage NAG-ger!

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