Stolen keys to authentic spirituality

The keys to authentic spirituality were stolen from us. The keys to authentic spiritual experiences do not lie outside of us, they lie inside of us. Authoritarianism, hierarchical power structures, need for control all worked to convince us we couldn’t find our spiritual center except through an outside source. How very convenient, how very perfect, if your goal was control and manipulation. Our spirits are our essence, the truth of who we really are that can’t be changed by any outside force – the real power lies in that. That is why stealing the keys to authentic spirituality was so effective at controlling society and creating a false narrative that perpetuates a circular pattern that keeps those with power in power. Who are those in power? They are easy to see – the pope, the archbishops, cardinals, bishops, priests, the priestesses, the rabbis the gurus, the pastors, the reverends the ministers – all of those claiming spiritual authority. Governmental authority is a lower tier, it isn’t even as important.

In reality, they have no authority unless we give it to them, give our own power away. For centuries the mantra of religion has been “be humble, you are unworthy”, but that is a false narrative. It has been very pervasive and that is why it is SO important to fight it now, we were not born sinners we were born perfect! It is they who have told us we are born imperfect, stained and unworthy. The true God, Unee, told us we were made perfect in the image of Divine Love. These accusations of imperfection have been grafted directly onto our DNA and we have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are told we are unworthy, we think we are unworthy, we become unworthy.

We are worthy, we are a part of the great web of love that is in us and around us. Our spiritual authenticity is just that love and there is nothing higher. Weep in beauty and know it is a part of you and you are a part of it. Beauty can be found in nature, in a beautiful building even in a Church if you don’t get sucked into the doctrine. Churches were built beautifully as a testament to beauty. Bathe in beauty and feel it as an intimate part of you. Don’t get caught up in the physical world of experiences. Yes, we are meant to have experiences and live in this life so we can have experiences, but not to pay off a karmic debt, just to have experiences. Don’t get caught in the web of the physical world, whether you are male, female, straight, gay, trans, have an abortion, have a baby these are all experiences, but that is all, don’t get stuck there. We will all be all of the above male, female, straight, gay, trans, and aborted eventually if we haven’t already in a previous life. These are just experiences, not who we are at our true, authentic, spiritual essence. Don’t lose love and beauty, don’t forget true spirituality is within, not outside of you. Speak up, tell the truth, there is so much historical false doctrine out there. We need to change that and be authentic spiritual, loved beings we really are.

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