Our legacy

What do you want your legacy for this lifetime to be? What do you want your footprint in this world to be? What is important enough that you would say, yes, that is what I worked to achieve?

It is not wealth, status, physical appearance, authority. It is not even sacrifice, a worthy cause. All of these things are this lifetime of experiences. So what is an actual legacy? Truth, speaking the truth, finding the truth, revealing the truth, truth that shows the way to authenticity. Being your authentic self is your legacy. Being brave enough to show yourself for who you are outside of the physical realm that is transient.

Connecting to spirituality is authentic, it helps us to rise to the level of who we really are on both sides of the actually non-existent veil. We impose the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds because we allowed someone else to teach us there was one. We lost the ability to walk in both worlds because we gave it up because someone else told us it was impossible to do.

How do we regain the ability to walk in both worlds and create a legacy that transcends the physical world and incorporates the totality of the spiritual and physical worlds? By first admitting it can be done. By being brave enough to consider that as a possibility and then maybe even pulling back the veil, the curtain, we put up between the worlds to see what is there.

Oh the world you will see! Think of a perfect mother greeting you. Soul Mother could see you in every lifetime and you walked by her as if she wasn’t even there. She hoped you would one day notice her and there she would be, dripping with love for you. And your heart would be filled with a love you have never known only in the physical world, a love so pure and overwhelming you would forget everything in the physical world. You would even want to stay there, but you can’t, you return to the physical world for physical world experiences are different and something you have chosen to experience. But now you know you can pull back that curtain at any time and you know Soul Mother and actually your Soul Family await you.

That could be your legacy, to be able to walk in both worlds and let others know they can too. When that happens, the world will begin to elevate and bad experiences like war or crime would begin to decrease and eventually cease to exist. What a legacy that would be.

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