Ideology that is beautiful

What is an ideology that is beautiful? It is spiritual security and knowing you are being guided in such a good direction that your spiritual comfort level is so high you don’t need to overanalyze it. It is the true essence of belief. The purpose of spirituality is gaining the insight that what exists in the physical world is not all there is in life. It is realizing the physical world is something to be experienced, but is not the sum substance or our being. It is knowing not so much that something better is “out there”, but that something better is right now. It is understanding life is not suffering, it is a series of experiences and how we perceive them can create suffering, but doesn’t have to.

Ideology that is beautiful lifts one to a higher state of being. It builds you up because you are beautiful and whole and worthy of love because you are love. Love is the essence of who you are spiritually, and you are a part of the whole of a greater love that is in and around everything. The physical world is simply experiences that can be glued on to you like scales or released allowing you to more fully experience life while not being immobilized by it.

Weave an ideology based on beauty and love and you will begin to see both all around you all the time. Why does nature take our breath away and make us cry? Because it is pure beauty – that we are a part of. When we sigh or weep in the silence of nature it is because nature is also recognizing us as a part of it and the completeness, the wholeness helps us remember we are a part of something beautiful.

God as Unee loves like the Divine Mother of love that she is, like the mother you always wanted and feel you needed. Your Earthly mother came with you to give you certain experiences, Soul Mother is the womb from which you entered this world, the womb of perfect love. You will return to this womb of love and experience a love so palpable because the creative source from the womb of Soul Mother drips with love.

Belief is all it takes to have an ideology that is beautiful. Know you are loved, believe you are here for a purpose, know there is beauty all around you that is a part of you and know that you will return to perfect love. This is the way of truth. You can experience it in this physical world, you are supposed to, that is the goal of the ideology of beauty.

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