Releasing Healing

Spontaneous healing can occur and does occur all the time. Our bodies miraculously heal sometimes before we even know there is something wrong with us. Johns Hopkins University Hospital published an article stating most of us have cancer up to 6 times in our lifetimes and never even know it because our bodies heal themselves. We were made to heal ourselves, medicine and therapies only assist our bodies in doing the work of healing. You don’t have to tell a cut to heal or a burn to heal or tell your body what to do with a medication, it uses it and heals itself. What then are the barriers to healing?

All illness begins in spirit before it manifests, as everything else does, in the physical. You have to reorient yourself and first understand deeply that you are not in this world to suffer. You have value and are loved and worthy of love and healing whether you are young, old or even very old. You have to know that you are worthy of healing and allow yourself to be healed. You have to recover from darkness and let healing come to you.

There is a condition of healing that you may not know of or want to acknowledge. You have to want to be healed and only you can know if you want to be healed. You have to really be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you want to be healed. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you are getting out of being ill. Maybe attention from an inattentive family, maybe relief from having to work at a job you don’t like or from family responsibilities, maybe a way to hide from issues in your life you don’t want to face, maybe you even like attention from medical personnel because you are lonely and they are the only ones who seem to care about you. The benefits you are getting from being ill may outweigh the benefits of healing. Illness can be karmic, but you are also not bound to your karma.

So, if you determine you want to heal, you can be healed. Ask for it out loud, say “I want to be well”, even Jesus asked those he healed what they wanted. They had to say they wanted to be healed. Healing will be released, people reading this will be healed, their healing journey will begin because they have released themselves from sickness and released their healing. You have to believe it is possible. You have to know at your innermost self that you are worthy of healing and you don’t need to suffer. You are worthy, you are loved by spirit, spirit sees you as well and beautiful. Visit the halls of wellness inside yourself and be healed.

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