Become love by cleaning your spiritual house

I see your magnificence behind your facade. The world is not dark if you are light. Shed the phantoms of your memory, that is all they are, so you can see your light of your magnificence. Follow the light that is in your heart. If you let go of what you think you know you make room for what really is. Your past is forming your future, let it go. The jewel which is your eternal spirit is covered by past experiences clean them away so it can shine. Clean your memories and your past like you clean your house. You don’t just let the dirt and dust collect in your house, do you? Don’t let the dirt and dust from your past obscure the spirit of your jewel. Your past doesn’t need to inform your future, clean your spiritual house.

What you remember is not what someone else remembers, it is a phantom you and they have created. Clean it away. Make a decision to change and believe you can then clean. Stop dragging hurt feelings, past wounds and bad memories with you, they are just dirt on your spirit. Be like a pied piper and lead them out of your spirit, you don’t need them. I see your magnificence! Once you have swept, dusted and washed these old dirty thoughts use your spray bottle of love and spray everything and fill up the spaces. If you fill yourself with the fragrance of love the old memories can’t return and you will be free. Use the visual of a spray bottle so you can see it.

Become love and the past can’t haunt you and your future is clear. Let the light of love shine. You are not broken, maybe a little dirty because no one told you to clean your spiritual house!! Clean your spiritual house. Heaven is in you if you just clean out your spiritual house so you can see it.

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