An experience with an Angel

I asked the Archangel Jophiel to be with me during my meditation, I always think of joy when I think of Jophiel. I felt Jophiel join me and I asked him to sit with me and awaken more joy in my life. I told him I wanted to wake in the morning in a state of joy and beauty.

He started by asking me whether I felt loved, beautiful, or worthy of love. He then wrapped his arms around me and I started to struggle and wanted to break from his grasp, I wiggled and squirmed trying to get away. He held me tighter and the more he held me the more I struggled against him. He took my head in his hands and stared into my eyes, his eyes were so blue, so penetrating. As his eyes locked onto mine I saw him start to cry tears of light and the more I struggled against him holding my head the more tears of light poured down his face. His blue eyes seemed to transmit a healing light that touched my spirit.

All of a sudden I felt a release and he hugged me again and I struggled less and I felt a darkness start to fade down my body and out beneath my feet. I struggled less and less and allowed myself to be hugged and embraced by pure love. He looked in my eyes again and said he sees the beauty in our souls and we need to know we are worthy and loved by the purest love.

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