Our Soul Mother in the Cave of Creation

We return again and again to the Cave of Creation, the womb of the Soul Mother, to prepare for our next incarnation. While we stay in the Cave, we experience love in its purest form. Our Soul Mother is our real Mother and the love she emanates attracts us back to the Cave of Creation again and again. Mothers we have in the physical world are surrogates, those Beings with a similar vibration that have agreed to reincarnate with us in the physical realm for a specific purpose and experience. The same applies to our father and sibling group, they all agreed to participate in a shared experience.

The love of the Soul Mother is so intense and captivating. We want to reincarnate into the physical world to experience physical sensation, but we immediately miss the love of the Soul Mother. This yearning sends us on a quest to re-create this love in the physical realm. We simply can’t, it doesn’t exist in the material world. We catch glimpses of love when we love our partner or children and even pets and nature, but it pales in comparison to the love emanated by the Soul Mother. Beings who have attained a very high level of vibration by focusing their physical lives more and more on love in each incarnation, can occasionally experience the love of the Soul Mother in the physical realm. It is so intense that the Being wants to return immediately to the Cave, but they are told their work in this lifetime is not yet complete.

It is important to love in the physical realm, we bring this love back to the Cave of Creation with us and it is the magnet that attracts our light tiles of experience to us for our next incarnation. This magnetism also attracts similar vibration light tiles from other unique beings that want to reincarnate with ous as a Soul Group. The more love we bring back, the higher the vibration, the better life we have next time.

Light tiles are our experiences from all of our lifetimes basically swirling as energy amongst everyone else’s light tiles in the Cave of Creation. They maintain our unique stamp, but are not coalesced into one being in the Cave of Creation. The light tiles exist similarly to different cells of the body, but are our experiences and not bound together in the Cave of Creation.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

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