Life Purpose and Healing

As was discussed, we understand how a human reincarnates every lifetime. We also discussed that humans in fact want to reincarnate into the material world to have physical sensations and experiences. As a part of the reincarnation process, humans also reincarnate for a specific purpose, their life purpose. Determining one’s life purpose isn’t as difficult as one would believe. Astrology provides a specific map unique to each individual based on their exact birth date, time and place to reveal the blueprints for this lifetime. Understanding this innate framework that defines us and working with it will ultimately lead to deep healing.

To begin, one needs to know their Rising also called their Ascendant Sign. There are many free natal chart websites you can access to determine your Ascendant, you will need your date, time and place of birth to get an accurate natal chart.

Based on your Ascendant Sign below is a summarized view of each Signs life purpose. The key words for the rising sign are listed first, I am, I possess etc. and then the life purpose.

Aries Rising: “I am”. Development of courage and will, Aries seek stress and challenge. The only time we can be courageous is when we are afraid and we conquer and overcome.

Taurus Rising: “I possess”. Seek stability with change. Taurus seeks peace and serenity. Accept what is and don’t be attached to the outcome.

Gemini Rising: “I think”. Need to accept not knowing everything, there is the unknowable. Cultivate an open curiosity about the world.

Cancer Rising: “I feel”. Learn to balance between safety and being open to new experiences, don’t be afraid to experience new things.

Leo Rising: “I will”. Development of the ego and will. Effectively bridge outer world with inner world.

Virgo Rising: “I analyze”. Be accepting don’t overanalyze. Cultivate a strong mind to choose right thoughts instead of beating ourselves up.

Libra Rising: “I balance”. Balance, learning to find balance in my life, the essence of all relationships.

Scorpio Rising: “I create”. Transformation, purification, reintegration. Moving from family back into self.

Sagittarius Rising: “I perceive”. Conscious creation of ourselves. Moving from time is money to time is art.

Capricorn Rising: “I use”. Harmonizing work, feelings, thoughts and actions so they all move in the same direction.

Aquarius Rising: “I know”. Stand in inner truth focused on positive change.

Pisces Rising: “I believe”. We come in with nothing in our lives, we have to generate it.

Focusing on the spiritual life purpose listed above helps us understand the essence of who we are meant to be in this lifetime. We become less conflicted about who we really are at the core level and this knowingness helps us heal.

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