Cave of Creation

We all exist in the Cave of Creation, some think of it as Heaven, the sum total of every reincarnation we have had in the physical world. The experiences we have had exist as light tiles in the Cave of Creation for us to utilize in our next incarnation. The Cave of Creation is held together by the magnetism of love. Light is all that is in the Cave – it is also called the Womb of the Soul Mother who births us into each incarnation. Both representations can be used to help humans understand and are based on what the human can resonate with in this lifetime experience.

We decide which light tiles we are going to access to form this incarnation, the physical being we will be in the current lifetime. Other light beings are drawn to us who want to generate similar experiences in this lifetime. In the Cave of Creation, we decide on the pinnacle or peak experience of the lifetime, the age it will occur and what it will be like and then we attract those who support this incarnation, and they incarnate with us. Our physical parents are our surrogates for this lifetime, and they attract our siblings, friends, employers etc. We descend from the Cave of Creation or are birthed from the Womb of the Soul Mother to have the experiences of this incarnation.

There is no judgement in the Cave of Creation, it is just an aggregation of every single aspect of every single experience over every incarnation. This is why someone who has the ability to feel their birth mother with them after they have passed on and the birth mother can reincarnate again in this lifetime. “This person “reminds” me so much of my mother,” – she is your mother, she came back with some of her previous experiences to be with you again, you “recognize” each other.

What of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses and other great beings? They are web correctors. They are light beings that have worked to clear darker energy from their sum total experiences so they can come back and act as a web corrector – bringing light to vast numbers of humans and shedding more light on that section of humanity. Anyone can start working on shedding darker or more dim attributes of themselves at any time and work to become purer light beings. The mission of purer light beings is always to benefit all of humanity.

Some humans have chosen incarnations where religion judges them as sinners or stained on arrival. They are working this lifetime at that incarnated level for that experience. Civilization is changing and more light is being shed in the Collective, that is why there are fewer religious persecutions at this time and humans are now being born with more light to shine in this world. You are one of those being because you are reading this. You are attracted to the light shining here.

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