Not One God, One Love

In the beginning, there was only matter in the physical world, inanimate and dark. God as Love came into the world to animate matter. Not all matter can absorb Love the same, nature absorbs some Love and responds to Love, animals absorb more Love and respond more to Love, people have the greatest capacity to absorb the most Love and emit the most Love out to all. Each of us has God as Love inside of us and we bring Love to the World each time we incarnate. We absorb Love in the Cave of Creation then reincarnate and reflect it out in the World. Love is working to change the material World and with each incarnation we grow in our capacity to absorb and emit Love.

The physical world is still dark and needs more Love. We come into the World and we emit Love, but we can also absorb more darkness, that is the pattern of growth and evolution. We become confused and seek Love outside of ourselves and believe possessions, other people and certain behaviors are the Love we are supposed to generate in this World. We confuse sex with Love.

We live, we grow, we die. We return to the Cave of Creation to be loved and recharged with more Love and we return, God as Love with us, inside of us. Is there any room for Love to judge us? No, that is not the purpose of Love, the purpose of Love is to love.

Begin again, let go of what you thought you knew. Forget yesterday and start over with fresh eyes, fresh thoughts and a new beginning, every day. Look to God inside as Love and Love will stir within you and start to emanate brighter. Just remember, some Love emanates brighter than other Love and it is ok, it is a pattern of growth. We don’t grow upward to God we grow inward and emanate out.

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