Are you spiritually wounded?

We all are. We all have experienced the fear and persecution from previous lifetimes. We all have this need to belong and do the right thing ingrained in us so deeply that we don’t even see that it was planted in us. Our ancestors, the Romans, the Ancient Jews, the Ancient Muslims all came from a time when might was right as they say and convert or die was generally their message, for some that is still their message. Was this really God’s message? His plan? Are we brave enough to think differently than what we have been taught? Brave enough to question something that has been so much a part of us for generations that it is like losing a limb to let go of it?

It does feel that way to some. The fear that we will go to hell, that we face eternal damnation, that we will never see our loved ones again, that we will be alone tortured for eternity or worse yet, spend eternity with the worst of the worst if we don’t stay in line.

Yes, these religious organizations are well practiced, they know what to say, how to say it, for most it is actually scripted for them and they are not allowed to deviate from the script. The only aspect of human evolution that is completely untouchable. Question science, question medicine, question education, invent, evolve, do better, progress. But when it comes to religion? Believe what you were told for millennia! Your forefathers were they only ones that could possibly have had it right and it you buck that system, well, you know what awaits.

Wait, what?

God has been here all along, that part is true. But the Ancients created a new God, they layered on him all of the dysfunction of mankind and paraded that God around for all to worship and adore. Then they told us he was an angry vengeful God and they waved their staffs at lightening and blood moons and said “see? God is angry”, and as uneducated, peasant people who were not in a position to rebel, we had to comply and believe.

What is our spiritual responsibility now? We can carry on and think we are spiritually evolving by clocking in every Friday night, Sunday morning or whenever “the” authority says to or we can choose differently. God gave us free will, right?

We can meet God inside ourselves and commune with him there. We can create a stronger bond where we recognize and embrace his presence within at all times – the ultimate pray without ceasing. We can begin to feel his transmission of Divine love and we can feel whole and loved and wanted, which is really what God wants of is.

We can and we should.

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